Bert Stern reshoots 1962 Marilyn Monroe nude photo session with Lindsay Lohan substituting

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Sept. 30, 2008 update: These photos have been removed due to being adult content.

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Bert Stern reshoots 1962 Marilyn Monroe nude session with Lindsay Lohan
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Anonymous12's picture

Bert Stern reshoots 1962 Marilyn Monroe session

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Yes, a lot of things have been written about Marilyn Monroe.
She is unquestionably an American legend and the idol of millions of fellows around
the globe. I am a giant fan of Marilyn, too. She was the most
beautiful and sexy woman who lived on the Earth. She had so delightful smile, and she was so sweet and attractive.

She was a symbol for many American girls which have been inspired so much by her.
She starred in so many movies and a lot of beautiful songs have been devoted to her.
I am a collector of everything which is related with Marilyn.
I was interested in some truly delightful porcelain figurine
of Marilyn. I was searching over the Net pretty long time, and I found a lot of things about Marilyn Monroe. This terrific figurine says a
lot about Marilyn Monroe. She will stay in our hearts forever.

Craig Langridge
Santa Barbara, CA

Mike's picture

After all you gentlemen

After all you gentlemen waive LiLo off for being this, that or the other, I’ll gladly go home with her.

Anonymous's picture

Melanoma girl as Marilyn? Give me a break!

Everyone in this world has gone nuts. A red head as Monroe? Monroe had silk flawless skin. Lohan has so many marks and spots on her body it’s cruel to look at. Sexy? Yea if you where a leopard living on a deserted island.

Anonymous's picture

I happen to think that Lilo

I happen to think that Lilo is a striking gal, but I think the pictures would have been better if they would have done the photo shoot as it was, but with Lins in her natural hair state

Liz Book's picture

I Have An Original Phot of Marilyn Monroe Topless

I foudn it at a yardsle down here in Florida. The elderly man, who was holding the sale, had it hidden on a shelf between some really old books. When I asked him about it, he said tht his daughter had had that picture for years and years and years. I am working with a fine arts appraiser out of New York to get it appraised. There is a signature in the bottonm right hand corner of the black and white photo that simply says mm-238. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I never once in all of her topless shoots saw one of her nipples exposed. This one has the entire breast exposed in it. It is an 8x10 with a clean white border. It was in an antique frame when I found it. Marilyn had long darker blond hair and she looks very young in it. I am assuming the photo was taken around 1947. Here I am, one of the most infamous topless women on Earth, finding a 60 something year old picture of THE most infamous topless woman on Earth. Talk about a find!

Anonymous's picture

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has my vote.. kate..

CeeBee's picture

I think Lindsay Lohan is

I think Lindsay Lohan is absolutely disgusting and it is a slap in the face to Marilyn Monroe that she has the audacity to re-create the last shoot. Linsday Lohan has no class whereas Marilyn was the very definition of elegance and beauty. Lindsay needs to put her clothes back on and stick to posing for the paparazzi.

Anonymous's picture

I happen to think that Lilo

I happen to think that Lilo is a striking gal, but I think the pictures would have been better if they would have done the photo shoot as it was, but with Lins in her natural hair state

OhNOYouDidn't's picture

Good debate at IMDb thread

There’s good debate going on over at IMDb about this particular post (see this link). What do you think?

Anonymous's picture

I happen to think that Lilo

I happen to think that Lilo is a striking gal, but I think the pictures would have been better if they would have done the photo shoot as it was, but with Lins in her

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