Podtalk: Producer Kristi Dunn Kucera on Her Brother & His ‘Trial of Lies’

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CHICAGO – In 1925, the Franz Kafka novel “The Trial” was published, launching the term “Kafka-esque” to describe people who get trapped by the judicial system. One such victim is Shawn Dunn, a financial planner who discovered a way (in 1994) to take “corporate inversion” – a tax abatement system initially developed by multinational corporations to substantially reduce their tax bill – and apply that same system to his small business and retirement fund clients for their use. Despite the continued legality (for corporations) of the accounting technique, the FBI raided Dunn’s offices, and arrested him for providing the same legal means for his clients to minimize their tax bills. He lost his trial in 2008, and despite many appeals, is currently serving an 18 year sentence.

Before the Storm: Shawn Dunn and Kristi Dunn Kucera in the 1990s
Photo credit: Kristi Dunn Kucera

His sister, Kristi Dunn Kucera, has focused her life and treasury on pursuing justice for Shawn. As a public relations expert and activist, she has decided to create a documentary on her brother’s arrest and trials, and also explain to the American people that there are different sets of rules for corporations/super rich and the rest of us. The film, now in pre-production, is entitled “Trial of Lies,” and will be yet another appeal to decency in regard to the Kafka-esque situation of Shawn Dunn.

In the following podtalk with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, “Trial of Lies” producer Kristi Dunn Kucera outlines the situation of her brother, and how despite the “American Way” of equal opportunity and justice for all, it’s just a lie.

For an information contact regarding Shawn Dunn and “Trials of Lies,” email freeshawndunn@gmail.com

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