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Podtalk: Seth Boustead, Producer of ‘Thirsty Ears’ Classical Music Fest on Aug. 11-12, 2018

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CHICAGO – Seth Boustead is a rock star in a different class of music. The energetic and passionate musician is also the producer of the 3rd annual “Thirsty Ears” Classical Music Street Festival in Chicago, bringing the art and “classical gas” to the Ravenswood neighborhood. For more information and performer schedules, click here.

The philosophy of Thirsty Ears is to bring Classical Music back to the people, where it was always intended to be. Boustead was at another typical Chicago street fest when he had the idea, and found it amusing that when he proposed it to the various Chicago bureaucrats and law enforcement. The overall reaction was “go ahead,” because Classical Music fans drinking beer will probably be mellow. He launched the fest in 2016, and has built it from there, through one of his lesson and appreciation centers, Access Contemporary Music (ACM).

Seth Boustead, Producer of ‘Thirsty Ears’ Classical Music Street Festival
Photo credit: ACMusic.org

Seth Boustead is Missouri raised, and actually went to the University of Missouri as an Anthropology major, with piano as a minor, before moving to Chicago. With a variety of jobs, including playing piano for acts at Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre, he studied composition for his post-grad degree at Roosevelt University. In 2004, he started ACM with his friend Laura Koepele-Tenges, and has evolved his passion from there. In the Podtalk, he goes over what he calls, “all the origins.”

In PART ONE of the Podtalk with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, Seth Boustead talks all about the Thirsty Ears Classical Music Street Festival, as well as how the philosophy of ACM coincides with the Fest.

In PART TWO, Seth remembers why a particular Brahms composition became his favorite to perform, and how he would convince a non-Classical Music person to come to the Fest.

The 3rd Annual “Thirsty Ears” Classical Music Street Festival will take place on August 11th (1pm-10pm) and 12th (1pm-8pm), 2018, in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood at 1758 West Wilson Avenue. For more information on Access Contemporary Music, co-founded by Seth Boustead, click here.

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