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If We Had an Emmy Ballot: The Best TV of 2010 to 2011

CHICAGO – It’s that time of year again – the time when the TV industry‘s chosen few try to determine which of their peers delivered the best performances of the past twelve months before handing in their Emmy ballots this Friday, June 24th, 2011.

TV News: NBC Makes Fall Schedule Official, Announces New Programs

CHICAGO – The slow trickle of news regarding NBC cancellations and renewals has finally burst the dam and we have the entire Fall schedule to present along with descriptions of the new programs and time/day changes for several of your favorites.

On XLC Radio: HollywoodChicago.com’s Brian Tallerico to Talk TV News, Fall Schedule Predictions

102.3 XLC (transparent)

CHICAGO – Brian Tallerico guests on Jimmy & Jen on 102.3 XLC in Chicago on May 11, 2011 for an interview about current television news including the cancellation of “The Chicago Code,” the predicted renewal of “Chuck,” the quality of “30 Rock,” and much more.

TV Feature: 10 Best Shows of 2010

CHICAGO – Television may no longer be in the golden age of the late ’90s and early ’00s, but the diversity of the current landscape has produced a few notable gems.

DVD Review: NBC’s ‘30 Rock’ Still Hilarious In Fourth Season

30 Rock

CHICAGO – Time flies quickly in the world of television. Look no further than the fact that NBC’s “30 Rock” has become one of the elder statesmen of the sitcom. As new shows like “Glee” and “Modern Family” stole headlines, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin’s brilliant creation kept knocking them out of the park. It never set the ratings on fire, but there’s no denying that this is still one of the best comedies on television.

Who Will Win the 2010 Emmys: ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘30 Rock,’ ‘Dexter’

CHICAGO – With the Emmys almost upon us on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, it’s the right time to take one last look at the nominees for the last television year and do what all awards watchers love to do best: predict who will win, who should win and lament the snubs.

Blu-Ray Review: Kevin Smith’s ‘Cop Out’ Lives Up to Its Title

Cop Out Blu-Ray

CHICAGO – Perhaps “Cop Out” wouldn’t have tarnished Kevin Smith’s reputation so much if he had simply changed his name in the credits to “Kevin Smithee.” This is the dreariest comedy made by a gifted filmmaker since “Year One.” It’s an entirely derivative picture from one of the most distinctive and original voices in modern movies. To quote Fred Willard in “A Mighty Wind,” “Wha’ happened?”

TV News: ‘Glee,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Good Wife’ Lead Emmy Nominees

CHICAGO – The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences took our advice and embraced several new programs with today’s Emmy nominations, citing new shows “Glee,” “Modern Family,” “Nurse Jackie,” and “The Good Wife” as among the best of the last year.

Interview: 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit Goes Down the ‘Frankenhole’

CHICAGO – Last Sunday, June 27th, a new Cartoon Network show on Adult Swim premiered, by the same team that gave us “Morel Orel.” “Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole” is also produced, directed and written by Chicago area native Scott Adsit, who also does time as the harried Pete Hornberger on NBC’s “30 Rock.”

If We Had an Emmy Ballot: The Best TV of 2009 to 2010

CHICAGO – Ballots for the 62nd Annual Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy nominations are due on Monday, June 21st, 2010, and we’re here to offer some advice for all of you Emmy voters still holding a ballot in your hands and trying to make those tough TV decisions over the upcoming weekend.

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