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Event Special Advance ‘In Bruges’ Screening, Director Q&A Coming to Chicago HollywoodChicago.com Jan 17 2008 - 12:07am
Image Colin Farrell in In Bruges HollywoodChicago.com Jan 16 2008 - 11:50pm
Forum topic FIXED! This Topic Loads weird Dustin 3 Jan 16 2008 - 11:39pm
Forum topic Olyphant to Break David Twohy Out of Director's Jail MagnoliaFan Jan 16 2008 - 9:34pm
Forum topic Fey, Poehler's 'Baby Mama' Trailer Debuts Online MagnoliaFan 2 Jan 16 2008 - 9:29pm
Forum topic Hanks and Daniels in Spielberg/Sorkin's 'Chicago 7'? MagnoliaFan 4 Jan 16 2008 - 3:34pm
Forum topic Daniel Tosh Dustin Jan 16 2008 - 1:34pm
Forum topic Loading on Dial Up Dustin 2 Jan 16 2008 - 1:26pm
Event 80th Annual Academy Awards Dustin Jan 16 2008 - 12:47pm
Story Theater: ‘Bird Dog Sedition’ Billed as ‘Most Dangerous Play in Chicago’ HollywoodChicago.com 1 Jan 16 2008 - 10:12am
Forum topic /Film's review of 'Cloverfield' HollywoodChicago.com Jan 16 2008 - 4:37am
Forum topic BadTaste Posts Complete 'Dark Knight' Character List MagnoliaFan 1 Jan 16 2008 - 4:11am
Forum topic SXSW panels, additions set HollywoodChicago.com Jan 16 2008 - 4:02am
Forum topic 'Cloverfield' manga suddenly appears online HollywoodChicago.com Jan 16 2008 - 3:53am
Forum topic New Park Chan-Wook Film Shooting! MagnoliaFan 2 Jan 15 2008 - 11:43pm
Forum topic Next Alain Renais Film Gets Financing MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 9:50pm
Image 'Star Trek' Teaser Poster MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 6:25pm
Image 'Star Trek' Teaser Poster MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 6:19pm
Image 'Star Trek' Teaser Poster SampleUser Jan 15 2008 - 6:15pm
Image 'Star Trek' Teaser Poster SampleUser Jan 15 2008 - 6:14pm
Forum topic Kevin Smith's 'Zach and Miri' to Start Shooting Next Week MagnoliaFan 4 Jan 15 2008 - 4:13pm
Forum topic Woo to Direct Chinese Civil War Film? MagnoliaFan 2 Jan 15 2008 - 4:00pm
Forum topic 'Persopolis,' '4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days' Does NOT Make Academy Best Foreign Film Short List MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 3:51pm
Forum topic MTV Posts New 'Indy' Photo MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 3:36pm
Forum topic New 'The Dark Knight' action figures HollywoodChicago.com 1 Jan 15 2008 - 3:12pm
Forum topic Scarlett Johansson to Direct 'New York, I Love You'! HollywoodChicago.com 4 Jan 15 2008 - 2:38pm
Forum topic Interview: Chicago Shakespeare Theater HollywoodChicago.com Jan 15 2008 - 12:30pm
Forum topic Recreate your own Bucket List Dustin Jan 15 2008 - 12:10pm
Forum topic Political Science Dustin 4 Jan 15 2008 - 11:13am
Forum topic Movies with the most instances of the "F" word HollywoodChicago.com 2 Jan 15 2008 - 10:57am
Forum topic Next Stephen Cho Flick Gets New Release Date, English-Narrated Trailer MagnoliaFan 1 Jan 15 2008 - 3:57am
Forum topic Theron in McCarthy's 'The Road' MagnoliaFan Jan 15 2008 - 3:51am
Forum topic Last 'Harry Potter' Divided Into Two Films? MagnoliaFan 4 Jan 15 2008 - 12:37am
Forum topic New Feeds Dustin 1 Jan 15 2008 - 12:32am
Image Keri Russell in August Rush HollywoodChicago.com Jan 15 2008 - 12:14am
Forum topic FIXED! Board Replies, Organization, Misc. MagnoliaFan 6 Jan 15 2008 - 12:14am
Image Laurie Holden (left), Thomas Jane (middle) and Nathan Gamble in The Mist HollywoodChicago.com Jan 15 2008 - 12:11am
Image I Am Legend's I-Am-Immune.com HollywoodChicago.com Jan 15 2008 - 12:07am

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  • Not One Batu

    CHICAGO – The State of Hawaii may be one of the most misunderstood in America. Because of its reputation as a tourist mecca, the fact that native peoples live and work there like any other place is hard to imagine. Also unimaginable is the drug use of island residents, but playwright and Hawaiian native Hannah li-Epstein wrote about it in her stage play “Not One Batu,” now in its Premiere Chicago run at the Berger Park Coach House through July 28th, 2018. For more information, including tickets, click here.

  • Cher Show, The

    CHICAGO – Has anybody in show business had more “comebacks” than Cher… or if you added her many last names Cher Sarkisian La Piere Bono Allman? All of the triumphs and downturns are shoehorned into “The Cher Show,” now in Chicago in a pre-Broadway run through July 15, 2018. Click here for more details, including ticket information.


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