Directed by: Steven Spielberg
4 stars
::spoiler alert::

I’m going to try and forget all about the old woman whose perfume bottle apparently exploded all over her who sat right next to me when there was an entire theatre full of seats and concentrate on the movie itself. Which is hard to do when it smells like every single lady at Saks’ perfume row sprayed at the exact same time.

Brokeback Mountain

Directed by: Ang Lee
4 stars

::spoiler alert - & not just for this film::

King Kong

Directed by: Peter Jackson
3 stars
::spoiler alert::

Let it be known right now that I have a special affinity for King Kong. After all, according to my baby book, it was the first movie I ever saw. I like to think that we saw it in the drive-in, no less, but it’s hard verifying that.
Onto this version:

Excellent Blogger Role Model: User miss_niki

Look at user miss_niki go! Check out her new blog:

Rumor Has It

Directed by: Rob Reiner
1 star
::spoiler alert::

I’m not an Aniston fan. I’m definitely not a Costner fan. HOWEVER, I am a Reiner/Ruffalo/McLaine fan.
That being said, I wasn’t impressed. I was looking forward to the concept - the idea that this family was based on the family in the classic book/movie “The Graduate.” Great idea. Eh-ly executed.

Less Than Zero

Directed by: Marek Kanievska
2 stars

I had just read the book by Bret Easton Ellis, so it was difficult for me to watch the movie without making comparisons. Therefore, the entire movie was focused on thinking, “What in the hell? That didn’t happen in the movie.”
The similarities are:
- Character names & basic bios.
- Set in Los Angeles in the ‘80’s.
- Lots of drug use.

Cameron Crowe

There’s something about a Cameron Crowe movie that makes me feel really optimistic about life.

I’d like to live in a Cameron Crowe movie.

Can somebody make that happen?

Box o' Music

We saw “Casablanca” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” as a double feature at the Music Box Theatre a couple of Valentine’s Days ago.

::side note: They have GREAT butter on their popcorn::

It was absolutely DIVINE. My two favorite films (in that order) on the big screen in an old-Hollywood-esque theatre? How happy was I?

Seeing John Malkovich

John Malkovich is signing autographs for a homeless man & a guy in a wheelchair.

True story.

The guy in the wheelchair is yelling “Oh my God!” repeatedly.

The homeless man suddenly & excitedly asks, “Why you walkin’ ‘round Chicago all by ya’self? You ain’ got no people witcha. These are the streets of Chicago! Why you walkin’ ‘round all by y’self?”

Movie Etiquette: Guidelines from a Lover of All Things Cinematic

1. If you come late, don’t stand there, talking, for five minutes while you situate yourself. Some people actually *enjoy* the previews.

2. One can generally feel when the soda cup is soon to be emptied. Therefore, suckle a little less as to decrease the chances of slurping.

3. No one in the theatre came to hear you talk. Not even the person sitting nex to you. So don’t.

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