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Many Kindle 3G users wanna know how to read Gmail on Kindle. Well, the browser built-in to Amazon Kindle has very limited capabilities, but even with those limited capabilities, you can still access the mobile version of Gmail. Here is how to read Gmail in Kindle 3G.
More about Kindle 3G:The Kindle 3G device is marketed as a wireless e-book reader. Its best feature is a free broadband wireless connection, which is designed to let you browse and buy books, as well as subscribe to magazines, blogs and daily newspapers, which are downloaded automatically.
Tips: If you like reading on Kindle, then a best drm remover is needed to remove kindle drm.
Guide: How Can I Read Gmail in Kindle 3G Step by Step?
Step 1: Change Basic Web browser to Experimental Mode
Firstly, turn on your Kindle 3G and then, go to Menu > Experimental > Basic Web. This step will open the Kindle 3G’s web browser. Basic Gmail functionality is accessible from the Amazon Kindle and navigating the interface takes some getting used to but with a little bit of practice, you can easily read and write emails from Gmail using the Amazon Kindle.
Step 2: Utilize the Mobile Gmail Page for Best Viewing
When your Kindle browser has opened, go to Menu > Settings.
Step 3: Navigating Gmail with Amazon Kindle
Navigate to the Menu item “Enable Javascript”.
(By the way, Gmail requires Javascript to work. If Javascript is not enabled then you will get an error message when trying to access your Gmail account.)
Step 4: Close the Settings window.
Go to Menu > Enter URL and then enter, this is important, if you use the Kindle’s default shortcut or bookmark for Google you will get the Google “PDA” or mobile edition. Log into the Gmail site with your existing user name and password, you should now be logged into Gmail and ready to read and send e-mail messages.
Furthermore, using Gmail on Kindle 3G is slow, even slower than on a mobile phone. However, the page is much bigger than the phones. So reading on Kindle 3G is on balance better than on most cell phones.

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