Top Useful Tips Just for iPad

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The iPad is the most popular tablet PC the world over. The use of the iPhone OS and its clever data-entry scheme - virtual keyboard, multitouch gestures and all - turns the iPad into an immeasurably more usable device than any Windows-based tablet PC we’ve seen.

Easy/Quick Mute
Unlike the iPhone, there’s no dedicated mute switch on the iPad.
Apple decided to make the volume buttons do double duty. Tap them repeatedly and the volume will go up or down. But if you press and hold the volume down button for about two seconds, then you get a quick mute.

Get Back a Deleted App
Without tethering to your computer, just find the app in the iTunes App store on the iPad and download it again. You will see a prompt that you have already bought this app and an option to re-install it without having to pay for it again. It is a little nerve-racking, especially if the app is an expensive one. But don‘t worry so long as you are sure that was the app you deleted. You also can transfer application from ipad to pc by yourself easily.

Shut Down Your iPad For Real
When you press the power button on the iPad it really just turns off the screen. That‘s whyit comes on so fast. What you may want to do to conserve battery life or recover from a freeze is do a reboot.
To do this just hold down both the power button and Home button until the red slider appears on the screen. Slide it and the iPad will shut down. Give it a minute and then you can restart it by pressing the power button again. It seems to take a few seconds before it responds so be patient. And, to force quit an application, just hold the home button by itself in a similar fashion.

Start a slide show while locked
Once you save your first photo to the device, you will see an option on the unlock screen to start a slideshow. Just click it and the slideshow will start. Under Settings, you can adjust slide timing.

Quick browser scroll
You can scroll to the top of any web site by double-tapping on the top of the title window.

Copy and Paste
You can quickly copy and paste text by holding down, then tapping Copy, then going to a different window, and holding down and tapping Paste. To select a paragraph of text tap four times.

Turn off email alert chimes
Are you a very popular person? Are you a member to a lot of websites and get tons of emails daily? If so, depending on your tolerance level for distractions, you may want to turn of the email alert chimes on your iPad. Sure, they are a great way to notify yourself of when a new email pops in, especially if you were waiting on one from a special someone, but they can get annoying. To disable the email chimes, go to Settings>General>Sounds. Once there, you can turn the chimes off. If they are not that distracting to you, but a little on the loud side, you can also adjust their volume by following the same steps.

iTurn iPad caps lock on
You do this by double tapping the shift key on either side of the keyboard. This is on by default. If you need to type a whole word in caps this can be painful. You control that in the Settings as well. In Settings tap on General and Keyboard to find the item. Set Enable Caps Lock to Off.

Download podcasts
You can search for and subscribe to podcasts so they are downloaded automatically to your iPad. Go to iTunes, then click Podcasts at the bottom of the screen. Search for the one you want and select it, then select Free next to the episodes you want. Note: to subscribe to podcasts, you need to use a PC and sync with the iPad. Why this is true we have no idea.

Type fast
The soft keyboard on the iPad does not work like the inaccurate keypads on a smartphone. You may be tempted to type slow and methodically, but no worries: you can actually type your normal speed and the iPad, using its Apple A4 processor, keeps up rather nicely.

Turn off duplicate names for Wi-Fi nets
The iPad has problems if you use a dual-channel router (one that supports both 802.11a and 802.11n at the same time) if the networks use the same name. Change the SSID to different names.

This application was the best I have brought. I learnt so much I feel like I am using my iPad now instead of playing with it. I have already recommended it to friends.

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