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CAD software can be divided into high-end UNIX workstations, middle-end CAD systems, and low-end Windows PC CAD systems such as three-dimensional CAD system computer.
1, high-end workstation CAD system UINX
the feature of this system is UNIX operating system support platform, from the 1950s to nowadays, so many famous software are created, at the some time, many software be obsoleted such as Appilcon, CADAM, intergraph and so on. At present, the more popular program of these systems are:
PTC’s Pro / Engineer software
Take Army modeling techniques, using a single database and parametric, based on features, all related features. the latest backed Pro/Engineer2000i using the goal drive design tools, behavior modeling and examples to technology, improve the design performance

SDRC’s I-DEAS software.
DESMaster Series software modeling method is based on special piece of solid modeling technology to solid modeling and parallel correlation of characteristics.

EDS company UGH software
Modeling method for hybrid modeling car industry modeling modelling design analysis,
processing manufacturing has certain features of the software is a UGH yo, application integration, CAM and curved surface

2, the microcomputer CAD system
With the development of computer technology, especially the microcomputer performance and Windows highly developed technology, has made the UNIX workstations microcomputer matched the competition strength, also make the Windows based technology rapid development of computer CAD system at present, the international popular have Solidworks software company, the company Solidworks UG SolidEdge software and Autodesk company MDT software.

Solidworks 98 software
Contains shape design modeling, part design modeling, engineering drawings and sheet metal modeling module, such as advanced image rendering, also with the software Photoworks, senior finite element analysis software Cosmos kinematics analysis software Motionworks, product data management (PDM) software SmarTeam, and other famous numerical control processing and analysis software seamless integration Solidworks and FeatureWorks technology, solves the CAD system in different between transformation model when they cannot identify the features to question the first false, Solidworks also created the first false all related and top-down design and efficient operation of the assembly with the design make it a reality for the technology
Solid Edge6.0 software
Take the Parasolid modelling the kernel and STREAM technology, based on Windows operating system, and fully compatible with Microsoft products of the parameters of 3 d entity modeling system, and provide the solid model, sheet metal, drawings, assembly, plastic mould and casting design, product to render and documents, and other functions, and the amount and COSMOS IPA Smar Edge seamless integration

Meshanical Desktop (MDT) 3.0 software.
Using ACIS4.2 geometric modeling core systems, based characteristics mentioned Divination parametric solid modeling, surface modeling, assembly drawings and sketches associated functions, and includes a complete set of Auto CAD drawing tools, fully integrated with Auto CAD .

3.Low CAD system 2 d CAD system
AutoCAD software. Pure two-dimensional CAD system in foreign countries is not much, the most famous is Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. AutoCAD R14 provides a rich set of design tools, embedded Internet technology and innovative Objict ARX, Autolisp and VBA programming language which can help developers and users according to their specific needs to control software. AutoCAD2000 is designed to provide a more relaxed environment, improved data access capabilities, software applicability and greater customization and development capabilities, expanded Internet communication system design information to improve the file input / output, edit / object capture and mapping speed, can operate multiple graphics files at the same time, support for multi-tasking design environment (MDE), offers some of the open function.

The above are popular CAD technologies in the market, if you are in a Construction machinery industry then you can choose the cad technology you like and need in your work, though, there are so many highly developed cad technologies nowadays, but they are still some limits to cad software, for example, dwg and dxf are formats of cad, but designers can not share their dwg or dxf files with others easily. so, you need convert your dwg or dxf files to pdf, but how to? You can use a dwg to pdf converter for help. This tool can not only help to convert dwg to pdf but also can convert dxf to pdf without an autocad in an efficient time.

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