Writing an Evaluation Essay on a Movie

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Students often think that writing an evaluation essay on a movie is as easy as pie, but it is not. Professors want you to make an in-depth analysis and show your abilities not only to watch and remember the plot but to make valid conclusions and draw interesting parallels. In this article, we offer you an innovative way to evaluate the movie — an analysis based on the psychological principles, not just simple descriptions. Of course, if you don’t have enough time, you can order a movie analysis online, but if you have — this is the way to write it!

evaluation essay

Deep Movie Analysis Based on Psychological Principles

The analysis of the film is based on the traditional principles and stages of the study of the artistic work. You should evaluate the plot, idea, composition, expressive means, the history of creation, the position of the author, video production. Later pay attention to the embodiment of each component: script, direction, acting, music, costumes, scenery, installation, special effects, etc.). To make your evaluation much more specific and engaging, we recommend including elements of traditional psychoanalysis, i.e., more detailed analysis of the psychological component. You should consider making an analysis of the personality and behavior of the characters, their relationships, the causes and consequences of their actions, as well as establishing parallels with their personal experience.

Psychological analysis of the film is not a traditional review, giving an expert assessment of the quality of the work of its creators. It is an attempt to see the depicted situations and heroes through the eyes of an extraneous witness or participant, to experience the feelings and emotions caused by the film, to realize the emerging thoughts and draw some conclusions that can make the necessary changes in the personality and life of the viewer.

Helpful Questions to Write an Evaluation Essay on a Movie

  • Did you like the movie or not? Why? What exactly did you like or did not like that caught your attention?
  • What is the plot of the movie, the sequence of events, the actors?
  • What is the psychological portrait of each hero: personal characteristics, moral principles, character traits, manners of behavior, life history, etc.?
  • What is the relationship between the characters, their history, and current characteristics?
  • Have I observed similar situations and relationships in my life?
  • Who are the most sympathetic/antipathetic characters to me and why? To whom do I sympathize and why? Do I or some of my friends look like some of the heroes? Do we have similar motivations? Whom would I like to resemble?
  • What is the style of communication between the characters in the film? How do they solve their problems?
  • What would I change in the situation and how would I act being in the similar situation? What should people, in general, do in such circumstances? Whom would I take for myself as a role model? What do I think is right or wrong in the situation described in the movie? Who, in my opinion, is right, who is wrong, who is to blame and why?
  • What would happen, if heroes behaved differently?
  • Did the film show something new for me, previously unknown? Have I made any discovery for myself?
  • What kind of emotions did the film cause? What made me laugh, pleased, upset, irritated, angry, offended, scared, pushed, etc.?
  • What is this movie about? What is the main problem/conflict and how does the director solve it? What artistic and technical techniques help him/her in this? What does he/she want to tell me?
  • Why is this title given to the movie? How does the title reveal the meaning of the plot?
  • What metaphors, symbols, archetypes we can meet in the movie?
  • Which means of expression are used in the movie?
  • How would the events develop, if the director decided to create a sequel?
  • What are the psychological, moral, philosophical problems shown in the movie? Which of them excite me at the moment or have worried me in the past?
  • How does this film resonate with my life? What lessons have I learned and what conclusions have I drawn?
  • Are there movies or other artistic works covering similar problems?
  • To whom would I recommend watching this movie and why?
  • What scenes would I review a second time?

Answering at least 40% of these questions you will be able to write an impressive paper for free or with the help of someone professional. Good luck!

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