5 Ways to Break into Hollywood

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There’s something alluring about the prospect of walking down the red carpet at a Hollywood event or seeing your name in lights. It’s a common dream to want to become an actor or actress. Some want to write scripts or be a famous director like Heather Parry. The thing is that many people don’t know how to get started. Here are five ways to break into Hollywood.

Go to School

Film school has been a path that many in Hollywood have taken. Along with courses teaching you about the different aspects of film (such as directing, producing, and screenwriting), film school can also provide you with the opportunity to network with successful alumni. While these connections might not get you your dream job straight out of school, they can help to get you into the industry.

Become a Script Reader

If your dream is to become a scriptwriter, one way to get into Hollywood is by becoming a script reader. In this position, you read scripts and write summaries. This position can help you to get a better understanding of screenwriting and what the industry likes to see, which can help you to write your own scripts.

Create a Spec

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names got their start by writing a spec script. There are a few ways to do this. You might have an idea for an original television show or film, or, you can write an episode of a popular television show. If you choose to go this route, it can be helpful to watch several episodes so that you understand the show’s format. It can also be beneficial to read a few of the scripts from the show (the ones that show dialogue as well as stage directions). No matter how you choose to write your spec script, make sure that you get feedback and edit it. You may need to rewrite it a few times. Once you feel that it’s ready, you’ll need to get it into the hands of someone willing to read it.

Get a Job at an Agency

You can get an entry-level position in many different places in Hollywood. One of the most common positions is a mailroom clerk. You can work in a television studio or production company. Another popular place to work is at a talent agency. These positions are difficult to come by but can provide you with some great insider knowledge that can help you to reach your goals.

Work as an Assistant

Assistant positions often come with high demands and can be quite stressful. They can, however, provide you with some great experience. A major part of these jobs is running errands and taking care of seemingly menial tasks. There are plenty of opportunities in these positions, too. You can gain valuable insights, read scripts, and make some influential connections who can help you to further your career.

Getting into Hollywood might seem like something you can only dream about, but it is possible. If you work hard and are determined, others are sure to take notice.

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