An Easy Way to Make the Moscow Mule

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The Moscow Mule is a 3 Vodka cocktail served in a beautiful copper mug. To make a fantastic Moscow Mule, combine high-quality Vodka, spicy and fizzy ginger beer, and freshly pressed lime juice dash.

It’s also a year-round drink. Thanks to the chilly cup and lime juice, it’s a terrific summer cocktail. The spicy overtones of ginger beer, on the other hand, make it a lovely autumn or winter drink. Learn how to prepare an adequately balanced Moscow Mule and the story behind the drink’s name.

A Brief History of the Cocktail

The Moscow Mule drink, despite its name, is made in the United States, not Russia. Like that of other masterpieces, its history has become muddled through time. It was created unpredictably in 1941 by Jack Morgan and John Martin. The two guys wanted to see how the ginger beer would work with the Vodka while clearing out some dead stock. And it was in this manner that Jack Morgan first served the Moscow Mule.

The popularity of this spicy drink rapidly spread like wildfire. As if that wasn’t enough, the drink was served in a copper mug, also a brilliant stroke. Morgan and Martin started promoting the drink by handing out copper mugs with mule engravings. This Vodka cocktail served in cold copper cups quickly spread across the country. Smirnoff gratefully embraced the trend.

Smirnoff began selling the distinctive mugs around the country, bolstering the Moscow Mule’s popularity. And these days, you can get a Moscow Mule in a copper cup practically anywhere.

How to Make a Moscow Mule

The cocktail’s base is Vodka, and choosing high-quality Vodka is essential. However, vodka isn’t the only factor to consider while making a fantastic Moscow Mule. Lime juice should be freshly squeezed. Without it, the drink is dull and lacks much of its sharpness and freshness.

The essential component, though, is ginger beer. And no, ginger beer is not to be mistaken with ginger ale. They are not the same thing, and you can’t make a Moscow Mule with ginger ale. Furthermore, the ginger beer must be chilled, carbonated, and peppery are all requirements.

Everyone agrees that you’ll kick yourself if you don’t attempt to prepare your own Moscow Mule. It’s as simple as it is delectable. Although the copper mug is authentic, it is not required. But, whatever you do, do not compromise on your ingredients’ quality.

Begin with a chilly copper mug. The copper mug is why the Moscow mule is iconic. Whenever people see a cocktail served in a copper cup, they immediately recognize it. Plus, it’s one-of-a-kind and lets you stand out positively.

Add ice cubes. When mixing any cocktail that calls for ice, it’s always best to put it in the glass first. The uneven pouring surface aids in mixing the components and stops you from dropping ice cubes into a full drink and spraying your lovely concoction all over the place. Now comes the exciting part. Smirnoff vodka is required for an authentic Moscow Mule, although any vodka will suffice. Pour 1.5oz into a drink that’s not too strong but still hits the spot. But always make sure to stick to the vodka-to-lime juice ratio of 3:1. A jigger is quite helpful in this situation.

Add 0.5oz lime juice for a typical Moscow Mule flavor. It perfectly complements ginger beer while also providing a burst of citrus flavor. Top the Vodka with a splash of ginger beer. Cock ‘N Bull Ginger Beer is recommended, but any ginger beer will serve. Different kinds have wildly different flavors, sweetness, and "kick," so you’ll have to explore and find one that suits your preferences. Finish with a Lime Wedge. Squeeze the juices of one more tiny lime wedge into the mug, then put the remaining wedge on the cocktail for garnish.

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