'A Nightmare on Elm Street' to set up production offices in Chicago in Feb. 2009

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I just received the following information from a reliable source.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” is setting up Chicago production offices in Feb. 2009.

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Nightmare on Elm Street Reshoots

Where are the offices at and where can i call??

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I hope they make a great movie

A Nightmare on Elm’s Street ?
We hope they make a very good movie,
because that is all a series of movies.
And they are kind of tired, exhausted material.
So if they decided to make it again. As the beginning, it has to be good, otherwise why to make and old movie’s REMAKE?
We have good expectations on this.
By this time everyone will know if the movie was good.
Shan23 Studios

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Moving to Elm Street in Chicago

This is exciting news that production will be in Chicago. This will bring jobs and help out the local economy — plus we get to see Freddy on occasion. Looking forward to it.

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Does anyone know where and when are they shooting? Thanks!

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UPDATE-Change of reign

Joan Philo Casting is now handling all the back ground casting for this film.

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Any other locations known?

Does anyone know of any other Locations where they will be filming?

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allready done with extras

i go to elk grove high school where they are filming the movie and the extras casting was held for elk grove students. sorry folks. it was pretty sweet being in the opening credits tho, ha~!

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you spelled

you spelled “already”wrong moron.

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really dude…..thats your complaint….i had one extra L and automatically im a moron….well, looks like SOMEONES bitter that they couldnt be in the movie that i was in

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Shooting on May 7, 2009

This person claims the following for shooting today (source):


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If you applied to be an extra and you don’t go to elk grove high school or hersey high school i wouldn’t even bother submitting an application. I just called casting since they had emailed me asking what high school i went to and they said they were already booked for the movie and they were mostly looking for people just from those high schools that they’re filming at!. =[

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casting for NES

Does anyone have any information on how to be an extra for Nightmare on Elm Street?
Thanks Steven

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extras casting

i know it says ur looking for 16-20 year olds but i always get told i look super young like between 18-20 years old but the only problem is that i’m 25! is that too old to give it a shot?

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i’m pretty sure it is because on every website i found it said only 16-20. If you want though, you can call the casting office at 1-773-261-8194. I got that number from
i’ve also called the number and they answer your questions

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Interested in casting for N.E.S.

Hello. Long time nightmare fan and I am interested in casting for the new movie and as a Chicago actor I would like more information regarding casting calls for actors/extras. Thanks for the help. For a headshot and resume email SLS77066@sbcglobal.net
Steven Szwet

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I sent in my stuff yesterday to atmosphere casting but haven’t heard back from them yet. My good friend goes to elk grove and the casting crew was there yesterday to take headshots of them and fill out papers. He said they told him they would call him back if they wanted him. I also heard they are looking for male swimmers for a pool scene and cheerleaders? Not sure if that is entirely true though. Also, you have to be 16-20 through atmosphere casting at least!

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casting call

I was wondering if anyone who is 23 and looks like a highschool student could be cast as well. I would also like to know if any of these parts are going to be a death scene. Thanks much, an avid horror fan.

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So are they going to film it

So are they going to film it at Elk Grove High School? And do they really need to be blonde? Oh last thing if they do film it at Elk Grove High School can other people go there? I went to that school my freshman and sophomore year, but I transferred out, I’m only a junior now. So does that mean I can audition for it too?

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I sent my information in about 2 weeks ago and then on Wednesday I got a call from Atmosphere Casting saying they got my email and to call them back with my availability for a week in May. I called, gave it to them, and then was told that the director will look to see what scenes are filming that coincide with my availability and where/if I fit in. They said they will contact me again within a week or two.

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Were you previously

Were you previously registered with atmosphere?
I sent my headshot and resume in through the site and haven’t even heard back that they got it…
So I was wondering if you did the same and then applied for this movie, or if you were previously registered?

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omgg im soo jealous!! just curious.. how old are you?

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My friend applied through Jon Kinnas: atmospherecastingchicago.com
He just got handpicked by Michael Bay to be either a featured extra or a role, so apply with Jon Kinnas, that would be your best bet!!!

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I was wondering if anybody knows the contact for this film, and how to get in touch with the head people of this project. My name is Sherrick Warren, my email is swarren88@yahoo.com, my myspace is www.myspace.com/sherrickextravaganza.
If anybody in the Chicago area know about any project for filmmaking go on I ask for you to please contact me, I will work with just about anybody, who’s looking for help.

Thank you;
Sherrick Warren

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just wondering for anyone who has applied as an extra… have you gotten a response back?

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Hear anything? Not yet.

Basically they would let you know about a few days prior to the scene being shot if they selected you for it, some times less. They’ll search for certain looks for what ever the scene is that they will be shooting a couple of days prior.Thats the way it usually goes. So if you don’t hear anything right away,I wouldn’t too be alarmed.

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Just curious, is any of the main roles for the girls casted yet? Although I’m an unknown actress, I do have a headshot and resume and have took acting lessons, and it would be totally awesomee to audition for this movie =] If there are no roles left, I totally understand. Thanks! =]

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Not sure if every thing is been casted for girls, I doubt it, but if you don’t have an agent/agency to send you on an audition, chances are very slim that you will be able too.

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Casting Submissions

I was just wondering, i just submitted to the casting director all my details. Im 19 and live in Boston, i will do anything to be in this movie. How are my chances, please any who is honest. Thank you so much! I was also wondering if all the speaking roles are gone. Myspace-http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&Mytoken=1239866810961

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can i still be accepted if im only 15?… but im turning 16 in june…

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You need a workers permit

Anyone thats not at least 16 yrs of age needs a workers permit, in order to obtain one you need a letter of intent from the employer, a doctors note indicating your healthy enough to work, last you need to take all that along with your birth certificate to your local high school and fill out some paper work and you will then receive it.

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Only way to find out for sure...

Anonymous wrote:
can i still be accepted if im only 15?… but im turning 16 in june…

Applying is the only way to find out for sure. Good luck!

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Casting call details!

Chicago casting call details are now for “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in Chicago from Atmosphere Casting. Details are below from this link:

NOW CASTING: “A Nightmare On Elm Street”

I am casting extras for a Platinum Dunes revisioning of the horror classic “A Nightmare On Elm Street”.

Shooting is set to begin on May 5th and run until July.

Here are the priorities that I am casting for RIGHT NOW:

REAL teenagers and High School students. No acting experience required at all. Age range from 16-20(young looking). I am looking primarily for caucasian male and females.

TRIPLETS!!! I am looking for identical, FEMALE triplets in the 5-7 yr age range, preferably BLONDE. THIS WILL BE A SPEAKING PART! The girls should also know how to jump rope.

If interested, please send your children’s photo, along with AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, DATE OF BIRTH, CLOTHING SIZES, PHONE NUMBER, AND PARENT’S NAME to: noes@atmospherecastingchicago.com


If you have already registered with us and submitted a PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT OR COMP CARD in the past, PLEASE e-mail us ASAP with natural, candid 3x5 photos of yourself. The director doesn’t want to see regular headshots, he would like to see how people really look.

Get your submissions in ASAP as I am casting NOW!!! Keep checking here as I update what I am looking for next!! -Jon

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just wondering if anyone who has applied from the link listed here earlier or atmosphere has gotten as response yet?…. also, im 15 and for atmosphere they are looking for ages 16-20… could i still get the job?… i turn 16 in june

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Thanks slaphap, I was

Thanks slaphap,
I was thinking in production positions… any ideas?

Thanks again.

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I Will Try....

I know a few people that usually work as PA’s on sets when filming in Chicago, I’ll try and find out where they get the work from. Thats if they’re willing to give it up the info. As for anything else like being an extra etc., you probably stand a better chance of getting some work if your younger in age, say 30 and under. Just my guess, because of the genre of the movie, but it shouldn’t deter anyone from registering to try.

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Info up above

Pablo, the back ground casting will be done by Atmosphere Casting Chicago. The link to their web site is posted above if you would like to register with them. They will start filing in about 2 weeks around Chicago and should last into June.

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Does anybody know where to

Does anybody know where to send a resume to be part of the project in any way?
Thanks guys!

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Our news story announcing the casting

Here’s our news story from moments ago announcing the local casting for the film.

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Atmosphere Casting thread

Dear HollywoodChicago.com readers,

Continue your conversation here for “A Nightmare on Elm Street” filming in Chicago. It’s great so far! This is one of the main reasons HollywoodChicago.com exists.

Local readers exploded in a thread here for local “Public Enemies” filming, “The Dark Knight” filming, etc. Now that you’ve confirmed who’s doing the local casting, I’ve just contacted them to see how we can more closely work with them for the betterment of everyone.

Keep discussing here as you learn new information, and in addition, here’s a brief thread going on over at Atmosphere Casting about the local filming, too.

~ Adam M. Fendelman
Publisher HollywoodChicago.com

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Nightmare On Elm Street

Jon Kinnas from Atmosphere casting will be handling all the back ground for this film. For info. atmospherecastingchicago.com

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re casting

Atmosphere Casting in Chicago is casting for that movie now check out their web page. also Extraordinary casting has good projects too. good luck.

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Joan Philo Casting?

I haven’t heard for sure for this production, but I’d try Joan Philo Casting in Chicago. She gets the big movies.


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Not Central Casting

Just tried, they only do LA and NY based productions. Anyone know what Chicago agency is doing the extras casting??

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Not Central Casting

Just called, they only do NY and LA based productions.

Anyone else heard what casting agency is doing the Chicago extras??

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Try Central Casting in

Try Central Casting in Burbank, CA

Anonymous's picture

Who can I contact about

Who can I contact about being a production assistant on set?

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Hey guys,
I’ve submitted to the address above, but would also like to post my email here as well. I’m looking to be involved with this project in any way I can. I’m a Chicago actor/musician who is also a film student at Columbia College Chicago.

Email: ataglancemusic@gmail.com or Sean.Skyler@gmail.com

Thank You,
Sean Skyler


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nightmare on elm street casting

I just sent my resume and headshot to that email. Did anyone get a response back from that email?

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Nightmare on Elm Street Casting Agencies in Chicago

Hello … I would also like some more information on casting. I am represented by Productions Plus and they have a branch in Chicago.

My stomach burns inside when I hear this type of stuff. Us unknown actors must fight to keep CW actors away from this movie;)

You can email me at glenlantz84@gmail.com Thanks!!!

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