DVD Review: Ridiculous Yet Fascinating ‘Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two’

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CHICAGO – There’s something about “Jersey Shore” that makes it unbelievably watchable. I’ll never understand why people have taken to the oversaturated “Real Housewives” franchise or the draw of “Hoarders,” but I totally get “Jersey Shore.” It’s difficult not to be entertained by personalities this larger-than-life and the bonus is that they feel as close to real as reality television has been in years. “Jersey Shore” never seems nearly as scripted as “The Hills,” reminding viewers of my generation of the “Real World” dramatics of the show’s first few years — back when it felt, you know, real.

HollywoodChicago.com DVD Rating: 3.5/5.0
DVD Rating: 3.5/5.0

But the kids of “Jersey Shore” are realer than real. They’ve grown up watching reality TV and if you’ve heard any of the newly-anointed superstars outside of the program you know that they know that this is something of a performance. They’re real but as much as that means having grown up in the two decades since the genre of reality TV took off. It’s unlikely that you can completely relate with people like Snooki or The Situation but they can still be surprisingly genuine. It’s hard to imagine life in the “Jersey Shore” house without a consistent migraine headache but it’s a fun place to visit every now and then.

Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two was released on DVD on December 28th, 2010
Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two was released on DVD on December 28th, 2010
Photo credit: MTV/Paramount

Before you get too concerned that “Uncensored” means you’ll see more of Snooki or Vinny than you’d ever want to see, what’s uncensored here is merely the impressive flow of f-bombs. The group may be relocated to Miami this season but it’s more of the same on “Jersey Shore” — drinking, hooking up, fighting — the formula is simple but what’s great is how broad a demographic this formula appeals to. You can just enjoy “Jersey Shore” for the ridiculous behavior of its cast members or you can look at the deeper ways in which this show is going to change reality TV.

There have been wildly influential programs in the history of reality TV like “Real World” and “Survivor” and it’s starting to feel like “Jersey Shore” could be a similar series — the next phase in the development of the genre in that it’s about reality stars who grew up watching reality stars. The Situation is a performer. He knows how to walk the line between seeming real and being entertaining and it’s the performers who know how to do that that will shape this genre. Who knew a few horny kids from Jersey could have such a pop culture impact? Check out the latest release of this MTV mega-hit and see what it’s all about.

Special Features:
o Reunion Special
o After Hour Specials
o Cast Interviews
o Sneak Peek of Season 3
o And More!

“Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two” was released on DVD by MTV/Paramount on December 28th, 2010 and runs 710 minutes.

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