Film Feature: AMC Theatres Hosts 2010 Best-Picture Screenings

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CHICAGO – Film buffs broke out the coffee and energy drinks the morning before the 83rd Academy Awards as AMC Theatre River East Chicago hosted the 2010 Best Picture nominee screenings, part of a nationwide AMC Theatre promotion.

Starting on Saturday, February 19th and culminating yesterday, film patrons at AMC Theatre locations across the country had the opportunity to see all 10 Best Picture Oscar nominees for 2010. At the AMC Theatre River East in Chicago, it was possible to watch all ten in a row, from 10am on Saturday to 9am Oscar Day.

Movie Buffs, Unite! The Audience Gathers Before the 2010 Best Picture Screens at AMC River East Chicago
Movie Buffs, Unite! The Audience Gathers Before the 2010 Best Picture Screens at AMC River East Chicago
Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for stopped by at the AMC River East Chicago before the first feature (Toy Story 3) began and asked questions to the gathered film aficionados about the film year and the 2010 Oscar Best Picture nominees. You are an obvious film buff. Why do you choose to see the Best Picture nominees in this marathon-style method?

Clyde from Chicago: It’s a good way to see them all fairly cheaply [passes for all the films ranged from $50-60 dollars] and I wanted to see all the nominees at once just to get a good feel for all of them. I have a buddy with me, and figured I’d make a day of it. Which studio would you like to animate you – Disney, Pixar or the creator of ‘The Illusionist’ [Sylvain Chomet]?

Robert from Chicago: I would probably pick Pixar. I like the graphic art of their style and the dramatic aspect of it. I don’t really like the kiddie style of Disney.

Michael from Chicago: Pixar, definitely. I love their 3D animation. What movie did you see from this year, that you would recommend, that you think no one else saw?

Adam from Antioch, Illinois: ‘Barney’s Version.’ Paul Giamatti’s performance was phenomenal, the fact that he missed an Oscar nomination is a crime. The make-up, which did get a nomination, is excellent, they used real make-up for aging instead of digital manipulation.

Carol from Chicago: I liked ‘All Good Things,’ it was a very well done film.

Ready, Set...: Movie Marathoners on Their Mark at AMC River East Chicago
Ready, Set…: Movie Marathoners on Their Mark at AMC River East Chicago
Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for What are three things that the enjoyment of movies have given you?

Jamie from Normal, Illinois: Entertainment, excitement and fun times with my family.

John from Winfield, Illinois: Imagination, entertainment and a place to make out at. [laughs]

Elizabeth from Chicago: Entertainment, education and fantasy. Which of the 2010 Oscar nominated films would you personally like to live in?

Aaron from Chicago: Well, I guess ‘Toy Story 3,’ because most of the others ones involved psychosis and chopping arms off. [laughs]

Manny from Chicago: I guarantee you it’s not ‘127 Hours.’ [laughs]. Either the King’s Speech or Social Network If you had 25 billion dollars like Mark Zuckerberg, what would you buy and why?

Chris from Winfield, Illinois: I would move to Spain, and it would be great, and I would buy a humongous house on the shore.

Scott from Chicago: I would buy a condo or home in the city, so I could live comfortably and pay off all my student loan debt. After taxes it would only be about 12 billion, anyway. [laughs] The rest I would put in savings and use to interest to fund some scholarships and help out my family.

Film Critic Patrick McDonald Takes Advantage of a Photo Op at the AMC River East Chicago
Film Critic Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago Takes Advantage of a Photo Op at the AMC River East Chicago
Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for What is your favorite movie scene, in what film, shot in Chicago?

Neil from Homewood, Illinois: I have to go with ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ the parade scene. It’s so ridiculous, because I love when people break out into song and choreography, as if they all memorized it waiting for the day it could happen. [laughs] I’m laying it on the line. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

Basil from Chicago: My friends would kill me if I said anything else…’The Princess Bride.’ Like they say in the film, it has drama, sword fighting, monsters, kidnapping and it’s funny. It has Billy Crystal and a star-studded cast, who are great. Finally, Fred Savage as a kid, that’s awesome! Which of the 2010 Oscar nominated films describes how you’re feeling today?

Ashley from Homewood, Illinois: I’m going to go with ‘Black Swan.’ I feel like Natalie Portman, who sees the challenge, it’s very intimidating, and I don’t know if I could do it. It’s a really big undertaking. Who is your favorite film critic? And if you say Patrick McDonald from you will be published.

Elizabeth from Chicago: Well, there you go. Say it.

Elizabeth from Chicago: Patrick McDonald.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards, hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, will be broadcast live on ABC-TV, February 27th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Check local listings for channel locations. AMC Theatres have 361 locations with 5,203 screens in five countries, including the River East Chicago. For more information, click here. senior staff writer Patrick McDonald

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