HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: 50 Pairs of Chicago Passes to ‘The Innkeepers’ With Sara Paxton

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CHICAGO – In our latest horror/thriller edition of HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: Film, we have 50 admit-two movie passes up for grabs to the advance screening of “The Innkeepers” starring Sara Paxton from “The House of the Devil” director Ti West!

“The Innkeepers” also stars Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis, Alison Bartlett, Jake Ryan, Kelly McGillis, Lena Dunham, George Riddle, Brenda Cooney, John Speredakos, Sean Reid, Kurt Venghaus, Thomas Mahoney, Michael Martin and Michael P. Castelli from writer and director Ti West.

To win your free pass to the advance Chicago screening of “The Innkeepers” courtesy of HollywoodChicago.com, just answer our question below. That’s it! This advance screening is on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012 at 7 p.m. in Chicago. Directions to enter this HollywoodChicago.com Hookup and win can be found beneath the graphic below.

The movie poster for The Innkeepers starring Sara Paxton
The movie poster for “The Innkeepers” starring Sara Paxton.
Image credit: Dark Sky Films

Here is the synopsis for “The Innkeepers”:

From director Ti West (“The House of the Devil”) comes “The Innkeepers”. The film is set in the venerable Yankee Pedlar Inn, which is about to shut its doors for good after more than a century of service. Believed by many to be one of New England’s “most haunted hotels,” the last remaining employees – Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) – are determined to uncover proof before it shuts down for good.

As the inn’s final days draw near, odd guests check in as the pair of minimum-wage “ghost hunters” begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes in the hotel’s long and unexplained history.

The movie trailer for “The Innkeepers” can be watched now below.

To win your free advance-screening movie tickets, make sure you’re logged into your HollywoodChicago.com Web site account. If you don’t yet have one, you can quickly register here. Having a Web site account with a valid e-mail address is required to win. Then, simply add a new comment in the form below. In your comment, include an answer to this question:

What’s your proof that ghosts do or do not exist?

This Hookup is simple! Just submit your comment below and we will award 50 admit-two tickets randomly via e-mail for our “The Innkeepers” Hookup. Good luck!

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Winners need to arrive early as seats are consumed on a first-come, first-served basis. Since advance screenings are overbooked to ensure a full house, winners are not guaranteed entrance and must arrive early. We recommend arriving 45 minutes before the screening’s scheduled start time. Winners are typically e-mailed our advance-screening passes two days before the screening date. HollywoodChicago.com LLC is a promotional partner with the studio and its partners and doesn’t assume any liability for this giveaway.

HollywoodChicago.com publisher Adam Fendelman


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MableGrl3's picture


I don’t have any proof—but just because I haven’t experienced anything for myself. I really want to.
However, there is this one episode of Ghosthunters where they got a heat reading off a locker that they couldn’t re-create which I found somewhat convincing.

DaveTheBatMan's picture


I have dreams every night of the dead. Considering that they haunt me, that’s pretty real.

Javier M's picture


I have not witness anything out of the ordinary, but I know they are out there.

Ncent's picture

proof that ghost exist

Sometimes when I at home I could swear that I am being watched or it feels like someone is there with me. Sometime I see movement but when I get up to check no one is there. Everytime the house creaked I think someone is walking through the house. I just glad they are friendly ghost.

bitterbunny's picture


I’ve got no proof, still searching, but I don’t believe in entities in sheets. Things that go bump in the night usually have some explanation. The thing is, if you search long enough, your mind will find proof even where there is none.

queenofhp's picture

What’s your proof that ghosts do or do not exist?

I dont believe in ghosts but I do believe enough people who have experienced and recorded proof of paranormal activity, prove ghosts exist.

janeidarivera's picture

What’s your proof that ghosts do or do not exist?

i have no proof that ghosts exist because they simply do not. there is absolutely no proof that will ever definitely confirm that ghosts exist. its impossible.

suttondancer's picture


From the way I feel when I’m in a creepy place. I just know there are ghosts!

peanutbutter's picture


Elia Qasim At certain times you may feel somone actually touch you but no ones there,A shoe suddenly turns over from its resting place but no ones near by or no rumblings from near by happen. You see a feel cold nearby when your wife says she saw he deceased brother in the house.

Rodolfo's picture


There is no proof that they do not exist…. :)

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