Film Review: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum Don’t Stick to ‘The Vow’

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CHICAGO – “The Vow” was “inspired by true events.” The end credits even showed the real couple of those events. Given the actual film, it’s likely that inspiration came in the form of “making stuff up,” as Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum were opposite to any reality in this illogical, strangely cold romance. Oscarman rating: 2.5/5.0
Rating: 2.5/5.0

Set in a Chicago that only an outsider can understand, “The Vow” uses a plot device – random, selective amnesia – that today is only used in a soap opera. No matter how this condition is presented, it is almost impossible to rationally believe it, because everything that’s forgotten is conveniently tied to a recent marriage of a lovey-dovey couple. Suddenly the whole audience become brain surgeons, making the diagnosis that suspending disbelief is impossible.

The film begins with the intoned narration of Leo (Channing Tatum), describing the precious story of his true love Paige (Rachel McAdams). After meeting in a parking lot, they have a montage of courtship, which ends up in marriage at Chicago’s Art Institute. All is perfect, which always forebodes an ill wind. While Leo and Paige are making out in a parked car on a snowy street in the winter, a city truck plows into them, crashing Paige through the windshield and into the emergency room.

Leo is fine, but Paige is languishing in intensive care. She is put into an induced coma to relieve brain trauma, and when she awakens doesn’t recognize her own husband. She has severe memory loss, so severe that she doesn’t know she’s a trained sculptor, doesn’t remember where she lives and can’t remember any of the life with her husband. The last memory she has is of life with her parents (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange) in a wealthy suburb, going to law school and being engaged to someone else (Scott Speedman). It is now up to Leo to win her back again.

“The Vow” opens everywhere on February 10th. Featuring Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange, Sam Neill, Scott Speedman and Wendy Crewson. Screenplay by Jason Katims, Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein and Michael Sucsy. Directed by Michael Sucsy. Rated “PG-13”

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Channing Tatum (Leo) and Rachel McAdams (Paige) Meet Cute in ‘The Vow’
Channing Tatum (Leo) and Rachel McAdams (Paige) Meet Cute in ‘The Vow’
Photo credit: Kerry Hayes for Screen Gems

StarContinue reading for Patrick McDonald’s full review of “The Vow”

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