DVD Review: Laura Linney Carries ‘The Big C: The Complete Second Season’

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CHICAGO – Showtime’s “The Big C” is a sporadically brilliant show that somehow still has not clicked into place as the truly great comedy it could have been. Despite my issues with the often-pretentious, self-aware writing, there’s one thing that no one can complain about regarding this Emmy-nominated show — the cast rules. Laura Linney gives easily one of the most engaging performances on TV and she’s ably assisted by a truly strong ensemble.

HollywoodChicago.com DVD Rating: 3.0/5.0
DVD Rating: 3.0/5.0

Laura Linney follows Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”) and Mary-Louise Parker (“Weeds”) into the Showtime model of building half-hour shows around strong female leads. She shines as a woman who didn’t really start living until she thought she was dying. If the first season was about her coming to terms on her own, the second is about doing it with other people. I really like what Linney and co-stars Oliver Platt and Gabourey Sidibe bring to this show but there are too many times when I feel like the program thinks it’s smarter than it is. The writers are too self-conscious to allow for “too much” honesty and so the show often feels at arms length. Watch it for Linney and the show could still develop into something great (and it’s certainly not awful) but I’m hoping that “The Big C” still takes some honest chances and lives up to its potential.

It doesn’t help that the show has been given a pretty lackluster home release with no Blu-ray edition, no commentaries, and no featurettes.

The Big C: The Complete Second Season was released on DVD on May 8, 2012
The Big C: The Complete Second Season was released on DVD on May 8, 2012
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Laura Linney returns in her Golden Globe-winning role as Cathy Jamison in The Big C. Following the medical diagnosis that rocked her safe world, Cathy finally shares the news with her family and decides to pursue experimental treatment. She quickly bonds with her fellow patient, Lee (Hugh Dancy) - and his wine collection - but isn’t so sure about her new doctor (Alan Alda). Co-starring Oliver Platt, Gabourey Sidibe, Cynthia Nixon and Parker Posey, this inspirational and bravely funny second season celebrates a life worth fighting for.

Special Features:
o Deleted Scenes
o Outtakes

“The Big C: The Complete Second Season” stars Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, Gabourey Sidibe, Hugh Dancy, Cynthia Nixon, Parker Posey, and Alan Alda. It was released on DVD on May 8, 2012.

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