Film Review: PItfalls of Love for Greta Gerwig in ‘Lola Versus’

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CHICAGO – Greta Gerwig is now being recognized in the movie universe, and has climbed a ladder from micro-budget independent (“Baghead”) to mainstream monstrosities (the “Arthur” remake). She takes the lead role in “Lola Versus,” and anchors a terrific story about “settling down” and the decisions behind that certain time of life. Oscarman rating: 4.0/5.0
Rating: 4.0/5.0

This is somewhat of a romantic comedy, if trying to love one’s self can be considered romantic. Gerwig hits the right notes as Lola, a 29 year-old woman experiencing a reversal of fortune in a tumultuous year. It’s that edge of turning 30 that defines her circumstance, and the supporting characters around her both contribute to and share in that dilemma. The resulting story is honest, snappy, poignant and sweet, as men and women clueless to their own needs and desires try to navigate the chemistry of relationships.

Lola (Gerwig) seemingly has it all. She lives with her longtime boyfriend Luke (Joel Kinnaman) in New York City, she is encouraged to complete her doctorate and she has just celebrated her 29th birthday by Luke asking for her hand in marriage. She is simply bubbling with anticipation for both the wedding and the rest of her life. But one day she comes home to observe that Luke is distraught. It seems he has had a change of heart. The wedding is called off, the couple separate and the world that once brought only happiness to Lola has fallen apart.

Luckily she has her best friends, Alice (Zoe Lister Jones) and Henry (Hamish Linklater), plus her supportive parents (Debra Winger and Bill Pullman). She cries on the shoulders of both Alice and Henry, then slowly begins to navigate the dating waters again. Throughout the rest of her 29th year, she will learn who is most loyal to her, what her ex-fiance has in store and which relationships she can trust. It’s called life, and we all meet at the bar after work.

“Lola Versus” continues it release in Chicago on June 15th. See local listings for theaters and show times. Featuring Greta Gerwig, Zoe Lister Jones, Joel Kinnaman, Hamish Linklater, Debra Winger and Bill Pullman. Screenplay by Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister Jones. Directed by Daryl Wein. Rated “R”

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Zoe Lister Jones, Greta Gerwig
Zoe Lister Jones (Alice) and Greta Gerwig (Lola) in ‘Lola Versus’
Photo credit: Myles Aronowitz for Fox Searchlight Pictures

StarContinue reading for Patrick McDonald’s full review of “Lola Versus”

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