Interviews: Director, Cast of ‘Mind Over Mindy’ Has Chicago Gala Screening on Sept. 19, 2015

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StarActress Catherine McCafferty, Portrays Mindy in “Mind Over Mindy” What particular quirk do you bring to the character of Mindy, that you think got you the part in the first place? What do you like about her best?

Catherine McCafferty: Well, first, this is my first lead role in a feature film. I think Mindy’s newness is a real newness as well, and something that came naturally from inside of me. I came from a theater background, and had done some short films, but came in to my first lead role bright eyed and bushy tailed, just like that character of Mindy. When portraying a figment of someone’s imagination, especially someone from the past, what do you personally think you need to be mindful of, in the way the character is in every scene?

McCafferty: The character was very dear to Robert, so finding a balance artistically with your own performance is difficult when you’re portraying someone who was real to the writer and director. Open communication was key to achieving that balance. How much easier is it to be on a film in which the director has written it as well? Is there more of an opportunity for improvisation, and how was the experience with Robert Alaniz?

McCafferty: He was open to doing something different, once he covered what he wanted in every scene. We could try something, and he was willing to do it. You are just starting out as an actress. What is the best advice you could give somebody now about the experience, if there are just starting out, since you’ve done auditions and cattle calls?

Catherine McCafferty
Catherine McCafferty of ‘Mind Over Mindy’
Photo credit: Catherine McCafferty

McCafferty: Again, because I come from a theater background, that helps tremendously, because I’ve done so many different styles of performance. If you are starving creatively, beyond all the auditions, you have to find your own path towards an outlet. Instead of getting discouraged, keep doing what you want to do. For example, I want to do more comedy, so I’m trying stand up, and found I love it. If you learn to create your own art, you will be more driven and you’ll stick to it in the long run.. Even though we’re in 2015, there is still difficulties regarding the sexism in show business, and for women. What have you experienced regarding that, or what is your opinion about it as a young actress working in the business?

McCafferty: It’s still a struggle, I see it every day. If you’re a woman in this business, I would say don’t put up with it. Know that you can be approached and lauded for your appearance, but not taken seriously for other areas of performance. That’s an issue, and you shouldn’t be shy about standing up for yourself, but also maintaining a level of professionalism. Women are held to a higher standard, which might not be fair. You have to recognize that, and if you’re playing in the game, don’t take everything at face value. In your acting training, what kind of characters did you like best to play, and which character, either portrayed before or some literary figure you love, would you really like to portray most and why?

McCafferty: Hmmm, what a loaded question. [laughs] I was always drawn to melodrama and those types of characters, and I found my way through there at first when I took up acting. That was my way in, and my mother made sure to give me an education in the classics. So I was up there with Scarlett O’Hara, for example. As far as that literary character, I always think about Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ I love that character, and any Jane Austin character. I would love to be cast in something like that. f you could suddenly go back to 1989, who would you look up first, and what would you tell them about our lives in 2015?

McCafferty: I probably would like to see how my parents were in 1989. I’d tell them, ‘you’re going to get a divorce, but stay married until I’m born please.’ [laughs] Xoxo, Catherine.

The Chicago Gala Screening of ”Mind Over Mindy” will take place Saturday, September 19th, 2015 – with a meet-and-greet of the cast beginning at 6pm, and screening at 8pm – at the Patio Theater, 6008 E. Irving Park Road, Chicago. Click here details and to purchase tickets Featuring Catherine McCafferty, Larry Thomas, Laura Ann Parry, Jim O’Heir and Steve Parks. Written by Robert Alaniz. Directed by Robert Alaniz. Not Rated senior staff writer Patrick McDonald

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