Film Review: Surprisingly Weird, Wacky ‘Puerto Ricans in Paris’

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CHICAGO – Occasionally, a film breaks through the miasma of images, and proclaims its uniqueness by just being weird. Case in point, the strange and wacky “Puerto Ricans in Paris,” which may have been created after two rich film producers made a one dollar bet (ala “Trading Places”) that they could come up with a movie simply based on the title. Oscarman rating: 3.5/5.0
Rating: 3.5/5.0

With a plot that would be at home in a 1970s cop drama – New York City undercover cops of Puerto Rican heritage go to Paris to break up a counterfeit designer purse crime – the absurdity of the situation and the actors playing the cops are almost secondary to the off-the-grid humor that emerges both because of and despite the situation. The film also looks good, better than would be expected for such a story, and Paris gets its due as a destination. One of the best examples of the bizarre nature of the way this film was approached, is the casting of Edgar Garcia (whose only major credit was in HBO’s “How to Make it in America,” created by Ian Edelman, the director of this film). He portrays the more romantic of the two cops in Paris, despite his tattooed girth and bald head. Obviously, Edgar has something on Ian.

Luis (Luis Guzmán) and Eddie (Edgar Garcia) are undercover New York City cops, whose beat is busting counterfeit designer purse criminals. After a successful exposure of a one such crook, they are approached by a Paris designer named Collette (Alice Taglioni) to come to the City of Lights to retrieve a hot designer bag – stolen right before its anticipated release.

Lured by a large reward, the two fish-out-of-water lawmen start living in luxury in Paris, while coming up with ever more outlandish ways to check out Collette’s staff for the possible thief. In the meantime, the same Collette has a crush on Eddie, which wouldn’t sit right with his wife Gloria (Rosie Perez). There are many complications to consider before this case can be solved.

”Puerto Ricans in Paris” continues its limited release in Chicago on June 10th, and is available through digital download. See local listings for theaters and showtimes, plus see digital providers for availability. Featuring Luis Guzman, Edgar Garcia, Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez, Miriam Shor and Alice Taglioni. Written by Ian Edelman and Neel Shah. Directed by Ian Edelman. Rated “R”

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Luis Guzmán, Edgar Garcia
Luis (Luis Guzmán) and Eddie (Edgar Garcia) in ‘Puerto Ricans in Paris’
Photo credit: Focus World

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