Podtalk: The Animated Rob Paulsen Offers ‘Voice Lessons’

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CHICAGO – Who are the voices in our lives that really matter? If you were a cartoon fan in the 1980s and ‘90s then it was Rob Paulsen, the source for Pinky (“Pinky & the Brain”), Yakko (“Animaniacs”) and a myriad of others. Recently Paulsen beat cancer, which threatened his career, and he tells the story in the new book … “Voice Lessons.”

The subtitle of “Voice Lessons” is “How a Couple of Ninja Turtles, Pinky and an Animaniac Saved My Life” (written with Michael Fleeman) and to know Rob Paulsen is to realize his deep appreciation and love behind his creations. But beyond that passion, he also is endeared to the admirers of his work, the millions of children and now grown-ups who continue to embrace his characters and the voice behind them. Beating his cancer gave Paulsen a new purpose in his life, to use his gifts “…on the biggest scale I can.”

Rob Paulsen (and Friends) Offer ‘Voice Lessons’
Photo credit: RobPaulsenLive.com

Rob Paulsen was born in Michigan, and moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s to pursue acting work. It was a chance audition in 1983 with the “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” cartoon series that launched him into a lifelong pursuit, leading him to do voice characters for “Animaniacs,” “Pinky and the Brain,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Jimmy Neutron,” “The Tick,” and many many more.

Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com has had the privilege to connect with Rob Paulsen for the last three years, as the cartoon voiceover artist have made his appearances at conventions like the 2019 Wizard World in Chicago. The following three part Podtalk occurred during a backstage break at that location, where Rob shared his life of luck and optimism – which is more enlightened and passionate after his successful battle against life/career threatening cancer, as well as in anticipation for the release of his book “Voice Lessons” on October 8th, 2019.

In Part One of a Podtalk wtih Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, Rob Paulsen talks about “Voice Lessons,” and his battle with his cancer.

In Part Two, Paulsen continues his discussion on keeping an atmosphere of humor during his cancer fight, and how “Rob 2.0” has an elevated outlook.

In Part Three, Paulsen opines on new voices who take over for classic cartoon characters, and his now precious life philosophy.

On Page Two, a BONUS Podtalk with Rob Paulsen, as he provides perspective on the cartoon voiceover artists of history, both his contemporaries and the classics.

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