Interview: British Singer Sadie Horler on Live Stream Performing

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CHICAGO – These are strange and isolating times for everyone. As someone who thrives on covering concerts, during the pandemic I sometimes feel like a part of me is missing. Luckily, one recent quarantine phenomenon that has helped me and other live music addicts fill the void is the surge of live online performances.

One emerging artist that I recently had the pleasure of discovering – on Facebook Live – is Sadie Horler. Sadie’s haunting vocals, warmth and authenticity echo the surroundings she calls home … the ancient city of Exeter on the River Exe in Southwest England.

Singer and Composer Sadie Horler
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Sadie’s heartfelt lyrics are inspired by events and people around her, with every song telling a compelling story that transcends time and place. Sadie’s latest single release, ”Game Over” (click on highlighted links to connect on web) was featured on Mahogany’s “Chilled Acoustic” on YouTube, which has attracted over 150,000 views. Her 2019 single “Washed Up Mermaid” was played numerous times on BBC Radio 6 by Tom Robinson after being chosen as a “fresh fave” on his FRESH ON THE NET music blog.

Jeff Doles of recently had the opportunity to chat with Sadie Horler about her music. As a performer how has the quarantine challenged you to find new ways to reach your fans?

Sadie Horler: It's been interesting thinking about different and fun ways to engage with people online. I've really enjoyed doing a few live streams on my Facebook page as well as others … including ‘Talent Banq’ and ‘How The Light Gets In.’ Other live streams I have coming up are the 'Stay at Home Sessions' on Exeter Uncovered's page on June 11th and Glas-Denbury's online festival on July 4th. It's nice that during the quarantine I've had more time to record new music and covers which I've posted online and about to release which I'm super excited about. What kind of comfort level have you developed performing in front of a camera rather than an audience on these live streams?

Sadie: I definitely find it easier performing in front of an audience rather than a camera, a camera just seems so scary with one big eye staring at you! I like engaging with people when I perform in front of an audience, that's one thing I miss when doing a live stream, but it is lovely seeing everyone's comments pop up and seeing people 'meeting up' in the comments of a live stream. What inspired your latest release, the acoustic ballad, ‘Game Over’?

Sadie: I wrote this track about a year ago now about a not-so-healthy relationship which had ended. The title 'Game Over' was based on the lyric in the chorus – 'I won't be the one to play your games’ – as well as the relationship being over. The song was recorded by an amazing producer named Jack, who's a drummer in the incredible band ‘Tors’.' Ironically, he is now my boyfriend … and a lovely one!

Among the Wildflowers: Sadie Horler
Photo credit: Your song, ‘Washed Up Mermaid,’ has lyrics about preserving the environment and taking care of our planet. Are you challenging the listener in the lyric, ‘never turn your back on the ocean’?

Sadie: I live near the beach, and the ocean is such a massive part of my life … it’s really sad to see rubbish on the beach or plastic in the sea. I wrote ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ after seeing that debris in the ocean. It made me think about the amount of plastic and waste we create, and if everyone reduced their use of plastic it would help the environment and the ocean massively. The song wasn’t written to necessarily challenge the listener, but just to make them aware about the amount of waste they might create in their day-to-day lives. Who or what inspires you creatively and musically? What live performances have you been watching on social media streaming?

Sadie: I grew up listening to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. who are both beautiful songwriters. I do also find that going to live gigs inspire me to get creative in my songwriting as well. A few artists I’ve seen live recently, who make me want to pick up a pen and a guitar, are Billie Marten, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Jake Bugg.

I have loved watching live streams on Social Media. The duo Ferris & Sylvester have done some amazing gigs on Facebook which I religiously watch, and Flyte have also been doing some acoustic live streams on Instagram which are really interesting … they talk a lot about how they wrote their songs and also shows what chords they use in their songwriting. Both of these bands have so many beautiful songs. What are your plans when this quarantine ends?

Sadie: Firstly, I’m going to give my parents the biggest hug! I can’t wait to meet up with friends and have lots of giggles with them too. I’ve missed going to festivals so I hope that I’ll be able to go to at least one this year. I still have one festival coming up in September which isn’t cancelled, it would be lovely if that went ahead. I’m also planning to release more music and I’m busy writing and recording. Living with a producer during lockdown has really had its advantages!

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Interview by: Jeff Doles
Published by: Patrick McDonald, Editor,

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