Interview: The Illuminating Evolution of the Band ‘Each Day’

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Average: 5 (2 votes) The new single ”Through the Woes” has a timeless feel that transcends genre and classification. What inspired the song and what is the band’s process for creating new music?

Taylor Oechsel: When writing any song we tend to draw inspiration from other forms of art. I had recently started writing on my 12 string guitar, and I was starting to draw from bands like The Eagles and Dawes. I wanted to write something catchy and meaningful. When I took the lyrics to the band, that’s when it all came together. We decided on a classic chug on the drums. Something to give the song weight and momentum. We added in those harmonies that make the melody butter. The guitar hook came together quickly after the percussion was figured out.

For the rest of the day, we didn’t want to play anything other than ‘Through the Woes.’ When it comes to writing a song we can’t do it without the rest of the band. I may have written the structure to the song but this song would not be what it is without Christopher, Nick and Mia. We start with the rough bones and if anyone has lyrics or a melody, we start around that. Then we start to dissect the song. We can work on the muscle of the song and have a demo worked out. Then adding in the little touches that make the song unique and powerful. We work so well together and we all connect on a level that we can understand the direction where we want to take a song.

Lead Singer Taylor of Each Day
Photo credit: Jeff Doles for Finally, how did you remain connected to your audience during the pandemic, and what does the future hold for Each Day?

Mia: Despite the fact that quarantine can create the sense of isolation as we are separated from those we love, including our fans, Each Day has made it a point to use this temporary ‘norm’ to develop our sound, strengthen our bond as a band and reach out to fans to see how they are doing regularly. It has pushed us to find ways to let fans know that they are still on our minds.

Luckily, social media, email updates and most importantly our MUSIC have allowed us to feel connected regardless of our circumstance. We find that having a perspective that is positive makes all the difference in the daily ups and downs of quarantine life. We plan on continuing our social media posts to keep everyone in the loop for new songs that are on the way and hopefully more music will flow out of us to keep our connection strong with our awesome fanbase!

Drummer Christopher of Each Day
Photo credit: Jeff Doles for

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Interview by: Jeff Doles
Published by: Patrick McDonald, Editor,

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