HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: 25 Passes to Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’ in Chicago With Ellen Page

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CHICAGO – In our latest edition of HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: Film, we have 25 admit-two run-of-engagement Chicago passes up for grabs to the new film “Whip It,” which is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut!

“Whip It” stars Ellen Page (of “Juno” fame), Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Alia Shawkat, Eve, Zoe Bell, Ari Graynor, Eulala Scheel, Andrew Wilson, Carlo Alban, Landon Pigg, Rachel Piplica, Kristen Adolfi and Daniel Stern.

To win your free pass to “Whip It” in Chicago courtesy of HollywoodChicago.com, all you need to do is tell us how you’ve been a hero in this Web-based submission form. That’s it! “Whip It” opens nationwide on Oct. 2, 2009. Directions to enter this HollywoodChicago.com Hookup and immediately win can be found beneath the graphic below.

Whip It starring Ellen Page is the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore
“Whip It” starring Ellen Page is the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore.
Image credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Here is the plot description for “Whip It”:

For years, Bliss Cavendar (Academy Award nominee Ellen Page) has been dreaming of escaping her tiny, truck stop of a town in Bodeen, Texas. Unfortunately, her devoted and beauty pageant-obsessed mother (Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden) is convinced that Bliss can only succeed in life if she wins the crown at the local Miss Blue Bonnet Pageant.

But the awkward outsider knows there’s something bigger and better out there. When Bliss sneaks off to the big city of Austin with her best friend, Pash (Alia Shawkat), she discovers a world unlike anything she could ever imagine: roller derby with its girl-power-meets-punk-rock spirit and its liberating celebration of wild individuality.

Inspired by the likes of Maggie Mayhem (Kristen Wiig), Bliss secretly tries out for a spot on the Hurl Scouts: a rag-tag team of scrappy underdogs. Soon she’s trading in her gowns and crowns for skirts, skates and scrapes and becoming her alter ego: Babe Ruthless. Leading a precarious double life, Bliss may be a waitress at Bodeen’s Oink Joint by day. But by night, she’s becoming the fastest thing on eight wheels.

Now she’s doing things she never dreamed of – fearlessly facing off with bad-ass rivals like Iron Maven (Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis) and falling for a boy in a band (singer and songwriter Landon Pigg) – while trying to be a heroine to her new friends and teammates. But when her secret gets out, Bliss will face her toughest fight yet: to take control of the future… on her own terms.

The movie trailer for “Whip It” can be viewed now below.

To secure your free “Whip It” pass, you must be logged into your HollywoodChicago.com Web site account. If you don’t yet have one, you can quickly register here. Having a free Web site account with a valid e-mail address is required to win this HollywoodChicago.com Hookup.

Next, simply tell us what you’ve done in your life to be a hero. You must submit your answer using this confidential, Web-based submission form. Please do not comment in this Hookup. Your entry will be invalid if you only comment here and don’t submit into our Web-based form. Please only submit your answer using this submission form.

You must include your first and last name, e-mail address and physical mailing address in your submission. Your personal information will not be sold or shared, will be kept strictly confidential and is only for awarding winning entries. Please answer our question below.

Star What have you done in your life to be a hero?

This HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: Film is simple: 25 HollywoodChicago.com readers will be randomly selected as the winners of our “Whip It” Hookup! The winners will be mailed the movie passes at our expense. Good luck!

HollywoodChicago.com editor-in-chief and publisher Adam Fendelman


© 2009 Adam Fendelman, HollywoodChicago.com LLC

unklepaulie9090's picture


You have to stand up for what is right, and what you believe in.

HollywoodChicago.com's picture

Invalid entry

unklepaulie9090 wrote:
You have to stand up for what is right, and what you believe in.

Thank you for RSVPing, but kindly do so again and correctly follow our directions. Rather than commenting in this Hookup, we need you to confidentially submit this form.

Anonymous's picture

I have always been the hero

I have always been the hero of my family and friends because whenever something is going on I take care of it in a civilized way. I am the eyes & ears of my circle

justa record playa's picture


well due to my parents passing early in my life i had to grow up fast and be a hero an supporter for both of my younger brothers..nuff said

Spinner's picture

I could be your hero, baby

I give blood on a regular basis. It’s not much, but each time, I’m saving up to 10 lives.

EllenC's picture


I have tried to do right. To give blood. To stand up for those without a voice. To be a good role model. Am I a hero? I hope I am to someone.

cgrgry's picture

what you’ve done in your life to be a hero

Hero is not the wordi was living in the projects growing up and there was a woman that was known to be a little off her rocker. One she had a baby hanging out of her window telling people she was going to drop her baby ,me and a couple of friends ran up stairs kick down her door and grab the baby from her. While waiting on the Police and Ambulance we received a hero cheer with hugs and kisses

droush's picture


One time, my friend was out of food, so I gave him 2 packets of easy mac. Boom Baby.

g's picture

I’m a nurse

Sabs's picture

Im a hero for my younger

Im a hero for my younger brother. He looks up to me and I do my best to support him and help him through whatever. When he needs something, I am there and surprisingly, he does the same for me.

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