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There are many legitimate reasons for needing information about a phone number. Whether you need to track down someone who keeps prank calling you or you’re looking for a lost love or old friends, the phone records you need are there if you have the tools required to get them.

In today’s day and age, people have become quite concerned with privacy and getting access to the information of others isn’t as easy as it used to be. Many phone customers are choosing to have their numbers unlisted and others are utilizing cell phones so they can avoid having a landline altogether. While the basic phone number search sites are virtually useless and won’t provide you with any of the information you need, comprehensive sites like Reverse Phone Detective offer access to all the information you could possibly want.

Reverse lookup systems are completely legal, which means that you cannot find yourself in any hot water for utilizing them. If you need to discover the identity of the owner of a mystery cellular number, a reverse cell phone lookup service will be your best resource.

Why aren’t reverse cell phone lookups free?
So, there are free reverse LANDLINE phone services… but what’s different about cell phone numbers?

Basically, cell phone numbers are not published openly the same way as landlines are. This means that the companies that actually organize reverse cell phone directories have to do much of the compilation manually. The information often comes from opt-in services (where customers volunteer to be in the database) or other small databases.

To trace cell phone numbers, you need to access a reverse phone directory that includes cell phone listings. Unfortunately, most of the popular directories do not contain these numbers and will, therefore, be useless to you as you try to trace cell phone calls.

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