The advantages and disadvantages of PDF

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Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is an industry standard for document exchangement and archiving. It becomes more and more popular and important in people’s life and work. Most people prefer PDF e-books as you can put the ebooks in your Mobil or PDA and view it no matter when and where; governments and enterprises always use PDF to archive the confidential documents. Why people choose PDF? What makes PDF so popular?

Quickly and easily created
Struggling to meet every project dead-line. Working to improve your document drafts. Striving to complete those file updates. The PDF is designed to keep up with today’s fast-paced and highly demanding work world. Creating a PDF is meant to take up almost no time at all. Just at a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll be able to send out those document drafts, create electronic versions of your files and still manage everything in between.

Good view feeling
When you read a PDF file, it is just like reading a paper book. PDF files look like original documents and preserve source file information — text, drawings, multimedia, video, 3D, maps, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic — regardless of the application used to create them and even when compiled from multiple formats into a single PDF Portfolio. And it’s easy to read a PDF file, just with a free PDF reader, you can view PDF files. Readers also can adjust the display size and way for personalized reading.

Password provides a simple way to restrict access and usage of your PDF content. With user password, you can prevent other people from opening it; owner password is used to protect your PDF ebooks from copying, printing and editing. And now, many PDF creation program supports the password-set option to allow you to make your PDF file more secure.

Compress large files
Imagine a room filled with filing cabinets. Imagine large files of paper to organize and look over. Now, imagine sending them over to an administrator. A filing clerk’s nightmare? Not anymore. The PDF can make your job a lot more easier. Imagine a single desk with a computer. Imagine file names to scan over, convert and click on. Now, imagine sending them via e-mail… . The PDF’s ability to compress large files is a worker’s dream!
All things have two sides, with the advantages of the PDF, there come slight disadvantages too.

Difficult to Edit
There are significant challenges to working with information received in PDF by another person. By its nature, PDF is not an editable document format - even though the appearance of a PDF document mirrors what you might see in a Microsoft Word document, it cannot easily be changed, revised or manipulated. Because the PDF is simply an image of a document, it is almost impossible to edit.

This disadvantage can be easily worked around by converting the PDF file into another editable format. For example, you can easily convert pdf to dwg with a pdf to dwg converter for further editing.

Various types of PDFS
While you can pretty much create a PDF using the same click and select methods every time, the way in which you input the information to create them can vary. It will affect the way in which some viewing and converting functions work.

Two types of PDFs exist: native PDFs and scanned PDFs. A native PDF is a PDF that is made from a document that was electronically processed. A scanned PDF is one that is made by scanning a physical paper document using a scanning device.

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