DONE! New feature: 'book' system for related pages within articles

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Users have requested a smarter system for “related pages” within articles. The purpose of this feature is so you can easily see related content when you’re done reading one article.

While we’ve been doing some related links manually within articles, we have installed a new “book system” to more intelligently link relevant content. One article becomes the main page of a book. We then relate other articles to it and have them be additional pages of the book.

So we can see what this looks like, I’ve just classified various articles as books. The overall book system on HC is now at Those links are articles I’ve made as parent books.

At the bottom of the parent book articles (right after the Digg image), you’ll see links to other pages in the book as well as a link to go to the next relevant page in the book. Once you flip forward, you can then flip back, forward again or to the parent page (like on our discussion forums).

An especially good example of what the book system can do can be found here. In that book, we’ve related all exclusive celebrity portraits to one another.

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