Interview: Sister Act ‘Larkin Poe’ on New Album ‘Self Made Man’

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CHICAGO – Larkin Poe features sisters Rebecca and Megan Lowell, who are singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists creating their own brand of rock ’n roll … rooted in grit, soul, and their southern heritage flavor. Originally from Atlanta and currently living in Nashville, they are descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allan Poe. 

The Grammy award-nominated sister duo is released their band’s fourth album – ironically titled “Self Made Man” – on June 12th through their own Tricki-Woo record label. The album’s title rack … “She’s A Self Made Man” … is a high energy, powerful merge of blues, country and classic rock, with a splash of southland heart thrown in for good measure. Throughout the new songs, the sisters use their creative heritage and hometown roots as a base to merge the styles that inspired them, passionately connecting to their listener and expressing their imagination and humanity.

‘Self Made Man’ by Larkin Poe, Now Available
Photo credit: Robby Klein for Larkin Poe

With an authentic sound as raw as moonshine distilled through a concoction of many genre ingredients, even some Bluegrass, Larkin Poe’s powerful and evolving music makes the listener feel less inhibited and more in touch with the spirit of freedom. Jeff Doles of recently had the opportunity to talk with Larkin Poe, the sisters Rebecca and Megan Lowell. How did growing up in Georgia, and initially learning to create music on the violin and piano, shape your creativity and helped your sound evolve into what it is today?

Megan Lowell: Our first introduction to playing music was through classical lessons on the violin and piano at the ages of three and four thanks to our wonderful mother, who wanted us to have the chance to learn the musical language. While being classically trained taught us pitch and dedication very early, we also feel so thankful to have been surrounded by southern roots music, specifically bluegrass, which got us going on guitars and dobros, and enlightened us to the ways of improvisation, passion, and songwriting. In the song ‘Back Down South,’ you pay homage to the band’s southern roots. How have you successfully combined your world travels and exposure to other genres of music with your love of the southern musical traditions and heritage?

Rebecca Lowell: We are immensely fortunate that our music has taken us all around the world and introduced us to many different cultures and experiences. However, there’s just no place like home!

We strongly connect with being southern … we were born in Knoxville (Tennessee), raised in northern Georgia, and now live in Nashville. We both have a great, deep love for the music that was born all around us. ‘Back Down South’ is our love song to the music of our hearts and a reverent bow to the artists that have inspired us and so many others. With the pandemic’s quarantine restrictions being eased gradually how does the band plan to promote the new album?

Rebecca: Even though we can’t go out and see each other face-to-face, connecting with people is still super important to us, so we’ve been staying really active online. We’ve been live streaming the new album, chatting with fans, and continuing to create content for our ‘Tip O’ The Hat’ video series. Staying creatively engaged is a major goal.

Larkin Poe: Rebecca and Megan Lowell
Photo credit: Bree Marie Fish for Larkin Poe Your ‘Home Sweet Home’ Live Stream Series is highly successful. What kind of comfort level have you both developed performing in front of a camera rather than an audience on these live streams?

Megan: Performing for a camera instead of a live audience is definitely a completely different animal, and has taken getting used to, but Rebecca and I love a challenge. ’The Home Sweet Home’ Live Stream Series gave us a goal to work towards … six shows with six different themes and lots of new material. At this point, we’re getting very comfortable performing through the lens, maybe a little too comfortable. [laughs] I can’t wait for the next live stream, we’re finally getting the full band back together. You were scheduled to perform in nearby Winnetka [Illinois] on June 18th. Do you plan to re-schedule, and what message do you have for your Chicagoland fans?

Megan: We’re eager to get back on the road and definitely plan to reschedule the Winnetka show. We love Chicagoland and promise to give ya’ll a show that will make up the delay … and part your hair!

Larkin Poe’s new album, “Self Made Man” – which includes the singles “She’s a Self Made Man,” “Back Down South,” “Holy Ghost Fire” and “Keep Diggin’” – is now available on (click each link) Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and the Larkin Poe Official Store.

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Interview by: Jeff Doles
Published by: Patrick McDonald, Editor,

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