Podtalk: Rebecca Fons & Jack C. Newell on 4th ‘Destroy Your Art’ in Chicago, Aug. 25, 2022

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CHICAGO – It’s been three years, there is definitely a need to get together and destroy something. So in the spirit of this urge, power couple filmmaker Jack C. Newell and Rebecca Fons of the Gene Siskel Film Center, will conduct their 4th “Destroy Your Art” event, back from its last incarnation in 2019. The idea is a filmmaker creates a film, shows it once to the audience, and then destroys it forever. This will take place this year at the historic Music Box Theatre on August 25th, 2022. For more information, including tickets, click here.

“Destroy Your Art” will feature four filmmakers – Dinesh Das Sabu, Lena Emeligy, Christopher Rejano and Yanyl Xie – as they show their short films. After that ONE SHOWING, the films will be destroyed forever (the technique is explained in the Podtalk) never to be seen again. The concept challenges the notions of permanency, images, expression and our perception of what time/space means. Audience participants, and the filmmakers themselves, will be the only witnesses to the final products, before they are never shown again.

Rebecca Fons and Jack Newell (inset) of ‘Destroy Your Art’
Photo credit: DestroyYourArt.com

Married couple and co-creators of Destroy Your Art, Rebecca Fons and Jack C. Newell are one of the most prominent film couples in Chicago. Fons is currently the Director of Programming at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and owns the Iowa Movie Theater (with her mother Marianne) in Winterset, Iowa. Jack C. Newell is a prolific movie director – who also created The Second City Film School – with feature credits including “Close Quarters” (2012), Open Tables (2015), “Hope Springs Eternal” (2018), the documentary “42 Grams” (2018), Monuments (2020) and “Christmas with Felicity” (2021). His latest directorial effort, the documentary “How (not) to Build a School in Haiti,” will premiere next month in Chicago.

In a Podtalk with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, Rebecca Fons and Jack C. Newell talk about the “Destroy Your Art” concept in the after-the-pandemic era …

“Destroy Your Art” – hosted by Rebecca Fons and Jack C. Newell – will take place at 7pm on Thursday, August 25th, 2022, at Music Box Theatre, 3733 North Southport Avenue, Chicago.

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