Podtalk: John Mossman on ‘Good Guy with a Gun,’ Available for Digital Download on Feb. 20, 2024

Good Guy with a Gun, Digital Release

CHICAGO – The controversial phrase “Good Guy with a Gun” is now a title for the latest feature film from John Mossman, who wrote and directed the story of a mother and son trying to rebuild their lives after losing their husband/father to gun violence. The twist is they’re rebuilding in a small town with an entrenched gun culture.

Podtalk: Exec Director Terell Johnson of Chicago Philharmonic on ‘Philms’ Series, Auditorium Theatre

Auditorium Phlims Series BLADE RUNNER

CHICAGO – The popularity of symphonic orchestras providing live soundtracks to classic films is about to get the series treatment in the Windy City. The Chicago Philharmonic and the Auditorium Theatre presents the Auditorium Philms Concert Series, taking place at the Auditorium Theatre. The first film in the series will be “Blade Runner” on Saturday, February 17th, 2024.

Exclusive Photos: Super Bowl Sunday with Comedian Maria Bamford

CHICAGO – Maria Bamford has been a top comic force since her breakthrough in the first decade of the millennium. She will be appearing on the Super Bowl Sunday edition of CBS-TV’s @FTER MIDNIGHT, the new show hosted by Taylor Tomlinson after “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.” Appearing alongside her will be A-listers Wayne Brady and Kevin Smith.

Podtalk: Writer/Director Alex Haughey of ‘Under the Influencer

CHICAGO – One of the sauciest new jobs that has arisen from the digital era is that of “Influencer.” Gathering followers, showing off new products and using your personality is the job description in this age of clicks. Writer/director Alex Haughey explores this phenomenon in his new film “Under the Influencer,” which is currently available for download and streaming.

Podtalk: Director Sav Rodgers Finds Salvation by ‘Chasing Chasing Amy’

Chasing Chasing Amy

CHICAGO – In 1997. Filmmaker Kevin Smith released his third film (after “Clerks” and “Mallrats”) entitled “Chasing Amy.” The story, featuring Joey Lauren Adams, is about a lesbian whose fluidly also includes a romantic relationship with a man. Watching this film was a young female born person who was questioning their own identity, and used the film as a touch point for these feelings. Years later, that person is director Sav Rodgers, and he made a documentary about his experiences with the film in coming to self and its complicated history in “Chasing Chasing Amy.”

Podtalk: Film Editor Ana Christian on Her Craft, First Short ‘Baby’

CHICAGO – The cinema scene is vital and growing in Chicago and it has to do with local innovators and contributors like film editor Ana Christian. Along with her husband Ryan Stemple, they have built a post production biz called Journeywork Entertainment, and Ana has recently finished directing her first short film, “Baby.”

Podtalk, Review: Director Ilker Çatak of ‘The Teachers’ Lounge’

CHICAGO – Public education is in the fight of its life. As curriculums are determined more through the state, parents and politics, the local authority of a child’s educator is being consistently diminished. This subject is the centerpiece of “The Teacher’s Lounge,” co-written and directed by German/Turkish filmmaker Ilker Çatak.

Exclusive Photo: Cinema Royalty & Character Actor Bob Balaban

CHICAGO – The seemingly middle-of-the-road character actor Bob Balaban has more to his legacy than just a ton of appearances from the 1960s to present in classic films and TV. His Chicago family were pioneers in film exhibition and the movie executive suite during the studio system in the early days of the history of film. It is in his DNA.

Exclusive Photos: Ed Begley Jr. Wants You to Make Resolutions

CHICAGO – Although Ed Begley Jr. has had hundreds of roles in TV and film, he is most likely best known as an activist for environmental and sustainability concerns. He highlighted his latest book, “To the Temple of Tranquility…and Step on It!” at the Fall 2023 Chicago Humanities Festival, and HollywoodChicago.com got the Exclusive Photos and Interview.

Podtalk: Comedian Fritz Coleman in ‘Unassisted Living’ on Tubi

CHICAGO – The sound of laughter echos on streaming service TUBI, as veteran stand up comic Fritz Coleman presents “Unassisted Living,” his wacky journey with the vagrancies of getting older. The special is currently streaming, and TUBI is a free service to download as an app or to visit at UNASSISTED LIVING.

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