TV News: Cancellation Axe Falls on ‘Dollhouse,’ ‘Eastwick,’ ‘Hank’

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CHICAGO – Blogs everywhere are reporting that FOX has canceled “Dollhouse” and that ABC has canceled “Eastwick” and “Hank”. “Dollhouse” starred Eliza Dushku with “Eastwick” and “Hank” being headlined by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Kelsey Grammer, respectively. The series join “Trauma” and “The Beautiful Life” as early fatalities of the new season.

Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse.
Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse.
Photo credit: FOX

After the surprise second season announcement, FOX officially decided to cancel the Joss Whedon series “Dollhouse”. The series will end once the current 13-episode order is complete. It’s not surprising to hear that “Dollhouse” has been canceled since the show’s ratings have been a big disappoint since the show first premiered.

Thanks to the show’s popular fanbase and decent DVR numbers, the show made it to a second season. The second season ratings, however, have sunk to a new low and the network was forced to end the series.

ABC has decided to cancel two of their Wednesday night shows. First is the Kelsey Grammer comedy series “Hank” and the TV remake drama “Eastwick”. “Eastwick” will continue to air until the already-produced episodes air. As of now, it’s unknown if “Hank” will continue to air episodes since it’s been replaced with specials and other fill-ins for the foreseeable future.

What shows are next? It appears that ABC’s “The Middle”, CBS’s “Three Rivers”, NBC’s “Mercy”, and ABC’s “The Forgotten” are in danger of being canceled next.

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 Mary's picture

Eastwich Cancellation

ABC, you are a joke. You apparently don’t know a good show when you see it. Eastwick is witty, sexy and charming - no, not a reference to “charmed,” thank you. I’m not understanding ABC’s logic behind the cancellation. They quip that the shows ratings were low. From what I’ve read, a lot of people are outraged about the cancellation too. ABC, people are apparantly watching the show. Perhaps ABC would like to have Dancing with the Stars on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurday and Friday… etc. Or, perhaps, they think dusting off a remake of an 80’s sci-fy show (V) is the way towards originality? ABC wrote the show off, before it ever aired. They constantly showed promos for all their other shows, over and over all throughout the week, except for Eastwick. Shame on you ABC. This is why I watch cable!

Christina's picture

Is ABC crazy? Eastwick is

Is ABC crazy? Eastwick is one of the better shows on right now! What a disappointment!!!!!

Corrie's picture


you know, the ONLY good show you have available on Prime Time is Eastwick, you never mix anything up. I am no fan of dancing w/the stars AT ALL! Pick a single night for that, get rid of V, no wonder NBC & CBS have better ratings, they know how to provide their viewers w/some variety! I pay for cable to view your programs, how about giving your viewers what THEY want?!?!? For a change.

Omar Najjar's picture


Geez ABC you seriously keep dropping the ball. You pick it up than drop it, pick it up than drop it. What is wrong with this network? You SERIOUSLY do not see a good show when you have it. You now cancel an extremely good show Eastwick with absolutely all very talented and beautiful actors. You never ever aired promos for the show either. But noooo dancing with the washed up stars and old timer football players for 2-3 hours three times a night is what we want right? Two seasons a year of dancing with the stars… Please cool it. You guys are even dropped ratings with DWTS. EASTWICK IS A GOOD SHOW AND HAS THE POTENTIAL FOR EMMYS! I personally like it waaaaay more than desperate housewives (which has become stale)At least have the balls and tough it out and stick with a show, NBC is not doing great, but at least they are sticking to there guns and holding on to leno despite poor poor ratings. With the cancellation of Eastwick, oh god… I don’t want to watch leno… But you are making me… Wait, re-runs of Seinfeld are on… An NBC hit. Stupid ABC.






Oh yeah… WTF ever happened to TGIF….

SithSnoopy's picture

Cancelling Eastwick???


That explains why it didn’t record last Wednesday. :P

WTF? ABC, why are you CANCELLING such an excellent show???

Shoot, you even alluded to the next episode, and then didn’t at least air it!

What, are you into teasing your viewers?

eee's picture

Hank could have been a great

Hank could have been a great show if not for egos. The topic was timely and the cast was pretty talented. There was far too much focus on Kelsey Grammer and the obnoxious neighbor. Sitcom watchers need some characters they like. The child actor playing the son, Nathan Gamble, is one of the most appealing child actors to come along in years, but he was rarely used — he could have carried the show himself. The woman playing the wife/mother was funny and had excellent comic timing, but was rarely used. Hopefully, those two “stars” will find their way onto another family-oriented television series that really is about families.

Outrage in Eastwick's picture

I never watched ABC, I saw

I never watched ABC, I saw Eastwick and fell in love. How did I find out, my roommate stumbled across it channel surfing. Why?? Because you never did promotions for the show, then you put a brand new show at 10pm…Really now?? You dont put a new show on at 10pm, you wait til it has a fan following and eventually move it…Maybe. Seriously though, you need to lay off Dancing With the Stars, its becoming redundant. At least So You Think You Can Dance on Fox mixes it up.

Yall suck, and Im going back to not watching ABC. You could at least have the decency to leave the episodes up online.

Heather's picture


I’m from the generation that ABC was the channel to watch (Tuesday night comedies & TGI Fridays), especially on Friday nights. I have since stopped watching ABC finding that the shows were lacking. Eastwick (or more so Paul Gross) has brought me back to ABC and I’ve enjoyed watching other shows (Modern Family, The Middle and of course Scrubs). Thank you ABC for failing to see great shows.

Anonymous's picture

EASTWICK AXED!!!????!!!!

EASTWICK was a brilliant show. i was actually hooked to a show after so long. u guys are so stupid. this is a huge mistake. i’m so disappointed in ABC.

Rayna's picture


I am completely hooked to Eastwick. I agree you put Eastwick on 10 p.m. you do not do that to a show, you first put it on earlier and then try to move it after its ratings.You never promoted the show, so how do you expect people to watch something you never promote? That’s like having a product but don’t promote it. Dancing with the Stars is getting old I use to watch it but now I hate even watching it. Instead of having a variety of show you cancel the one show that has potential. Pushing Daisies won an Emmy and you canceled that… why would you cancel a show that won an Emmy? and Emmy? are you serious? I only watch abc because of Desperate Housewives on Sunday, and I use to watch Ugly Betty when it was on Thursday, but then you moved it to Friday and that ruined my other tv shows, and plus I like watching Ugly Betty but now that I know you are kicking Eastwick out, I dislike Ugly Betty, should have kept it on Friday and Eastwick Wednesday. You are making the worst mistake in the history. Cartoon network canceled toonami, but before they did that every kid and adult watched Cartoon network, now they don’t even want to. They took off Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto. And now the ratings for CN are just horrible, no one wants to watch it. You are making a mistake, you better wake up before it’s too late. Oh and if another show takes Eastwick and they do better than you, I’m going to laugh. You have time, don’t be a fool.

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