Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Video Game Review: ‘Battlefield 3’ Sets New Bar For Multiplayer Shooters

CHICAGO – It takes some time to truly appreciate the accomplishments of the development team behind the multiplayer portion of the highly-anticipated “Battlefield 3.” At first, it’s total chaos. Running, explosions, buildings breaking, planes crashing, more running — in the moment, the multiplayer of “Battlefield 3” is such an adrenalin rush that it can be difficult to truly assess it critically. You’re too busy trying to not to get killed again.

Video Game Review: Stunning ‘Crysis 2’ is a Revolutionary Shooter

CHICAGO – Like most hardcore gamers, I’m not as easily impressed as I used to be. From the beginning of “Crysis 2,” and several times during my experience with the game, I was simply blown away. Whether it’s from the stunningly beautiful graphics (the best yet in the history of the Xbox), the deep customization that makes the game unique, or an incredibly deep multiplayer experience that is the most addictive since “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” this is a title that I know I will be playing on and off for the majority of 2011. It’s incredible.

Video Game Review: Inspiring, Creative World of Sony’s ‘Little Big Planet 2’

CHICAGO – The first quarter of 2010 was the best of the calendar in the world of video games with stunning titles like “Mass Effect 2,” “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” and “Heavy Rain”.

Video Game Review: ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam’ Offers Amazing New Shooter Maps

CHICAGO – “Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam” is the best multiplayer DLC ever released. With some of the best-designed maps, period, DLC or disc-based, along with new weapons, vehicles, trophies, and even music, this is simply a must-download release. Even if you haven’t picked up “BBC2” in months and have departed its world for that of “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” this amazing release will suck you back in.

Video Game Review: Truly Remarkable Action of ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’

CHICAGO – If you notice that your multiplayer maps in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” have been a little emptier lately it’s because everyone has picked up their weaponry and marched over to “Battlefield: Bad Company 2,” one of the best shooters ever released and a title that nearly everyone who has ever enjoyed an FPS will be playing through 2010 and beyond.

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  • loki main

    CHICAGO – From villain to anti-hero to homoerotic fan fiction icon, Loki has traveled a long way from the greasy-haired megalomaniac we have come to love. For most of his cinematic character development, Loki has been a foil to Thor’s massive himbo (n.: a very attractive, often beefy male who isn’t the brightest bulb, but is still able to shine because of his good-natured attitude and respect for women. Male version of a “bimbo”) energy.

  • Young Rock Television Rating: 5.0/5.0
    Television Rating: 5.0/5.0

    CHICAGO – Patrick McDonald of appears on “The Morning Mess” with Scott Thompson on WBGR-FM (Monroe, Wisconsin) on February 18th, 2021, reviewing the new TV series “Young Rock,” Tuesdays on NBC-TV.

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