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Blu-ray Review: In Space No One Can Hear You Snore During ‘Apollo 18’

Apollo 18

CHICAGO – “Apollo 18” is the worst thing that a horror movie can be — BORING. Like deadly, biology class boring. It’s actually a chore to get through, especially the first act, which is nonsensical set-up given what we know has to happen eventually and the lack of quality writing. It would have made more sense to start with the “action” of the film, but then it would have been only about an hour long. And it still would have sucked.

Film Review: Chilling, Creepy ‘Apollo 18’ Makes Us Wonder What If

CHICAGO – Space, the final frontier. The USA made one giant leap for mankind during the Apollo moon landing program forty years ago. Why were the missions abruptly terminated? Why haven’t they gone back? “Apollo 18” theorizes on the answers.

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