Wizard World Chicago 2008 Contest: How Many Pictured Superheroes Can You Guess?

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CHICAGO – Greetings, true believers! Another year of Wizard World Chicago has come and gone. To help hold you off until next year, HollywoodChicago.com is hosting a contest to see who knows their masked crusaders best!

Following our pre-show coverage and pre-show slideshow, senior staff writer Dustin Levell managed to press the flesh with scores of heroes and villains on the floor of Wizard World Chicago 2008. Whether it be the Justice League of America, Legion of Doom, Alliance, Rebel or even hot girl or really scary guy, Dustin was there to meet them.

See how many of these 54 pictures of icons from the realm of comic books, sci-fi and anime you can identify. As a bonus, we’ve added four pictures for extra credit that we aren’t quite sure are identifiable characters.

The entries with the most correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win fun prizes. We promise you this is challenging, fun and worth your time. We have built an online form for you to submit your answers. Keep this slideshow open in one window to see the pictures and the online form in other to submit your answers.

As you scroll through the photos, swap between the two windows and enter your answers in the online form. Submit your form when you’ve answered as many as you can. You can click “Next” or “Previous” above or jump directly to individual photos below. Good luck, and excelsior!

StarSubmit your Wizard World Chicago answers online here!

  1. ww08-01.jpg: Who am I?

  • ww08-02.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-03.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-04.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-05.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-06.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-07.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-08.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-09.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-10.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-11.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-12.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-13.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-14.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-15.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-16.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-17.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-18.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-19.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-20.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-21.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-22.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-23.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-24.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-25.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-26.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-27.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-28.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-29.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-30.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-31.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-32.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-33.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-34.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-35.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-36.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-37.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-38.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-39.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-40.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-41.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-42.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-43.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-44.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-45.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-46.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-47.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-48.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-49.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-50.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-a.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-b.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-c.jpg: Who am I?
  • ww08-d.jpg: Who am I?

    StarSubmit your Wizard World Chicago answers online here!

    HollywoodChicago.com senior staff writer Dustin Levell

    Senior Staff Writer

    © 2008 Dustin Levell, HollywoodChicago.com

  • Anonymous's picture


    Brian Chavanne's picture

    Won't work.

    spent a long time on it, and all I get is: “You have submitted the maximum number of entries. Check submission guidelines.”

    Even had my girl try it with my answers… But nope.

    HollywoodChicago.com's picture

    We apologize for this tech glitch; this has been corrected


    We very much apologize for this technical glitch. I see why this happened and have corrected the issue. You will now be able to submit your answers. I know you spent a while on this and if you don’t want to do this again we will understand. If you do, I assure you it will work this time.

    Maria's picture


    Thanks for this - it’s a fun contest. What is the deadline for entering, please? :)

    HollywoodChicago.com's picture


    We didn’t announce a deadline in this contest because we’re judging this based on response and based on how well people answer. We’re getting a good response and we’re impressed with people’s answers, so please try to submit by this Friday, July 11. Thanks!

    Anonymous's picture

    so what did those

    so what did those winners get?

    Helena's picture

    Wondering how we all did?

    Wondering how we all did? What are the correct answers? Buehler? :)

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