Podtalk: Tobi Shinobi & Lonnie Edwards Exhibit ‘Shadow Dancer,’ in Chicago Thru Sep 30, 2023

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CHICAGO – Two of the most cutting edge and modern artists have teamed up to present an unforgettable kaleidoscope of imagery in the hot up-and-coming neighborhood of West Town in Chicago, specifically at the West Town Chamber of Commerce space. The exhibit is called “Shadow Dancer,” and it is in its last month, closing on September 30th, 2023. For more information, click DANCER.

The fascinating exhibition is divided into two distinct parts beginning with “Shadow Werk,” a mixed media and film installation that explores the concept of shadow work and the journey towards self-discovery and healing. The second part, titled “You Can’t Sit With Us,” is a play on words that speaks to the gatekeeping that often happens in the artist community, rooted in ego and self-preservation. Visitors will experience a captivating dance of shadows in this thought-provoking exhibition, as Tobi and Lonnie guide viewers into the unseen to explore new perspectives, and most of all, to join the dance

’Shinfrared London: Act III’ by Tobi Shinobi (inset)
Photo credit: Tobi Shinobi

Tobi “Tobi Shinobi” Shonibare is a multiple award winning creative based between London and Chicago, whose works spans across, stills, motion and creative strategy. Known primarily for his photography, his work extends from high profile events, product photography and architecture. Tobi’s international reputation and keen work has resulted in becoming a Sony Global and Adobe Imaging/Lightroom Ambassador and he also works as Senior Content Creator in an award-winning, fully integrated, creative agency.

Lonnie Edwards (AKA Jon Savege) is a multi-faceted artist, author and award-winning filmmaker, based between Chicago, New York and Germany. Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Lonnie has been passionate about the arts since a young age. He has always been fascinated by the interplay of light, shadows, and different forms of media (film & animation). Lonnie is a self-taught artist who has been honing his skills for several years. His art is an expression of his innermost thoughts and emotions, often featuring surreal and dreamlike imagery amalgamated with references to pop culture or commentary on a cultural / social climate.

’No More Heroes’ by Lonnie Edwards (inset)
Photo credit: Lonnie Edwards

In a Podtalk with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, artist Tobi Shinobi encapsulates his vision and journey to “Shadow Dancer” …

In Podtalk Two with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago.com, Lonnie Edwards speaks to the perspective of his world, and ours …

”Shadow Dancer,” an art exhibition, continues through September 30th, 2023, at the West Town Chamber of Commerce, 1819 West Chicago Avenue in Chicago. For more about the West Town Chamber of Commerce, click WTCC.

HollywoodChicago.com senior staff writer Patrick McDonald

Editor and Film Critic/Writer

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