Red Carpet Slideshow, Interviews: Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert De Niro & Cast of ‘About My Father’

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Comedian and lead actor Sebastian Maniscalco of ‘About My Father.’

CHICAGO – The Windy City was abuzz with Red Carpet bliss as the multi-star cast and director of the new film “About My Father” walked before the Chicago premiere of the film on May 6th, 2023. Hot stand-up comic Sebastian Maniscalco is the leading man, with his father Salvo portrayed by the legendary Robert De Niro.

The film is Maniscalco’s first lead role, based on routines in his act. The fictional story uses his real name, as he is about to propose to his girlfriend Ellie (Leslie Bibb), but his widowed father Salvo (Robert De Niro) still dominates his life. Ellie asks Sebastian to spend the 4th of July with her wealthy blue blood family, with includes her Senator mother Tigger (Kim Cattrall), father Bill (David Rasche) and brothers Lucky (Anders Holm) and Doug (Brett Dier). Sebastian tries to get out of it, with the excuse that he has to spend the 4th with Salvo, but Ellie insists that he bring Dad along. So it’s the Sicilian father and son against the country club one percenters.

The whole main cast and director of “About My Father” walked the Red Carpet. Photographer Joe Arce of took these Exclusive Photos, and Patrick McDonald interviewed the participants.

Click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through the slideshow or jump directly to individual celebrity photo with the captioned links below. All photos © Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for

  1. FATHER1: Comedian and lead actor Sebastian Maniscalco of ‘About My Father.’
  2. FATHER2: Robert De Niro portrays Salvo Maniscalco.
  3. FATHER3: Sebastian Maniscalco and the real-life Salvo Maniscalco.
  4. FATHER4: Kim Cattrall portrays Senator Tigger Collins.
  5. FATHER5: Leslie Bibb portrays Ellie Collins.
  6. FATHER6: David Rasche portrays Bill Collins.
  7. FATHER7: Anders Holm portrays Lucky Collins.
  8. FATHER8: Brett Dier portrays Doug Collins.
  9. FATHER9: Director Laura Terruso of ‘About My Father.’

StarABOUT MY FATHER Red Carpet Interviews

Comedian and Lead Actor Sebastian Maniscalco …

Kim Cattrall portrays Senator Tigger Collins …

Leslie Bibb portrays Ellie Collins …

David Rasche portrays Bill Collins …

Anders Holm portrays Lucky Collins …

Brett Dier portrays Doug Collins …

”About My Father” Director Laura Terruso …

Question is asked, Robert De Niro (portrays Salvo Maniscalco) has to be on stage, so he says “How’s that for an answer.” …

”About My Father” is in theaters on May 26th. Featuring Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert De Niro, Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Leslie Bibb, David Rasche and Brett Dier. Written by Sebastian Maniscalco and Austen Earl. Directed by Laura Terruso. Rated “PG-13” senior staff writer Patrick McDonald

Editor and Film Critic/Writer

© 2023 Patrick McDonald,

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