Podtalk, Review: Greg Kinnear has in ‘Sight’ on His Latest Role

CHICAGO – One of the most reliable and relatable character actors in film is Greg Kinnear. The actor, Oscar nominated for “As Good As It Gets,” has been working steadily in film and TV ever since he made a splash on the scene with “Talk Soup.” From there he was cast in the remake of “Sabrina,” and his roles ascended from there. His latest film role is in “Sight.”

Podtalk: Sophia Wong Boccio of APUC Chicago on Season 18

CHICAGO – Wednesday, March 20th, will begin Season 18 of Chicago’s Asian Pop-Up Cinema (APUC), a film festival that has grown and evolved to become a prime cultural influencer. The Founder and Curator of APUC, Sophia Wong Boccio, provides a preview to the new season below. For details, click SEASON 18.

Podtalk: Sophia Wong Boccio on Asian Pop-Up Cinema SEASON 17

CHICAGO – Fall film festivals begin this week with Season 17 of the Asian Pop-Up Cinema, curated by Executive Director/Founder Sophia Wong Boccio. Opening Night is Friday, September 8th, with the Japanese film “Yudo,” subtitled “The Way of the Bath,” directed by Masayuki Suzuki. For tickets and info, click APUC 17.

Podtalk: Roger Kelly Smith, Author of Thriller ‘No Place to Die’

CHICAGO – As summer winds down, there are still many beach reading opportunities, and you won’t find a more tense thriller than “No Place to Die,” the debut novel of Roger Kelly Smith. The setting is a near-future colony on the moon, with a geo-political struggle between the U.S. and China that has implications for Mother Earth.

Audio Film Review: The Journey and Destination of ‘Joy Ride”

CHICAGO – Patrick McDonald of audio film review for the new “hard-R-rated” comedy “Joy Ride,” featuring Stephanie Park (“Emily in Paris”) and the recently Oscar nominated Stephanie Hsu of Best Picture “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” In theaters on Friday July 7th.

Podtalk: Sophia Wong Boccio on Asian Pop-Up Cinema SEASON 16

CHICAGO – The Asian Pop Up Cinema (APUC), a Chicago cultural institution, launched Season 16 this past week with a sensational pre-season event featuring Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok and the Japan Cinema Showcase. Wrapping up the showcase is “Unami,” CLICK HERE for details.

Audio Film Review: Re-Realized ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’

CHICAGO – Patrick McDonald of audio film review for the re-release of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” the 2000 classic directed by Ang Lee and featuring Michelle Yeoh (“Everything Everywhere All at Once). The 4K restoration is currently in theaters (see local listings).

On-Air Film Review: They Must Be Crazy in ‘New Gods: Yang Jian’

New Gods: Yang Jian

CHICAGO – Patrick McDonald of appears on “The Morning Mess” with Scott Thompson on WBGR-FM (Monroe, Wisconsin) on January 19th, 2023, reviewing “New Gods: Yang Jian” another in a series of animated features by director Ji Zhao. In select theaters beginning January 20th.

Podtalk: Season 15 Asian Pop-Up Cinema Focus on South Korea, Sept. 24-Oct. 2, 2022

Mother's Place, APUC Season 15

CHICAGO – South Korea takes the spotlight at the 15th Season Asian Pop-Up Cinema (APUC) film fest, from September 24th through October 2nd, 2022. caught up with Sophia Wong Boccio … the Founder, Executive Director and Curator of APUC … for a preview of the South Korea Cinema Showcase and her launch of the new season so far. For more information, click SOUTH KOREA.

Podtalk: Mark Schilling, Japan Cinema World Expert, at Asian Pop-Up Cinema, Sept. 17-23, 2022

CHICAGO – It’s Japan’s turn at the Asian Pop-Up Cinema (APUC), and the guest emcee is Mark Schilling, an American from Tokyo who in the 1980s began his journey as a world expert in Japanese cinema. For more info on this weekend, click JAPAN CINEMA.

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